Sebastian Radclaw Debuts

In the absense of Dr Sean David, Billy Kirkwood searched far and wide for a replacement commentary partner. That replacement came in the form of none other than Sebastian Radclaw. Radclaw recently became a hit with ICW fans after the release of his video which sees him looking for friends, and introducing them to what may just be the newest dance craze among wrestling fans, the "Gremlin Dance"

On Sunday evening at ICW's 1st Annual Fear and Lothian, Sebastian Radclaw made both his ICW commentary debut and also his in-ring debut after being called out by Joe Coffey who subjected him to a brutal beatdown after claiming that ICW owner Mark Dallas should be bettering the equipment instead of hiring comedians.

When asked about the events of Sunday, Radclaw had the following to say:

"When I was a young child being raised by my Uncle Eggbert, I was belittled every day, bullied for being a freak. They called me a wanker. A wally. A weasel. They told me I was weak. So when I scuttled out on Sunday in front of the ICW fans I was shaking and stuttering with my eye crossed into the side of my head. My Uncle Eggbert always used to tell me that my one crossed eye was unique, but I knew he was just being nice and it looks a bit horrible. But when I stepped into the ring, Billy Kirkwood was smiling and friendly and he even let me do the Gremlin Dance. People used to tell me the Gremlin Dance was horrible but it makes me feel calm. I thought people were going to throw things at me, but they all chanted for the Gremlin Dance! My Uncle Eggbert would be ever so proud even though he told me to never do the Gremlin Dance in public because it was too weird, but now I've conquered my fears and I'm going to do the horrible little Gremlin Dance everywhere I go!!! After that, I did some commentating and it was hard because my eye kept going into the side of my face but I did watch two epic matches, Fight Club vs Bucky Boys and James Scott vs Joe Coffey. It was a true delight but after his match, Joe Coffey invited me into the ring and I thought he wanted to make friends and I was nervous but I remembered my Uncle Eggbert on his death bed looked at me and said "Do not be afraid, Radclaw". All the fans were telling me not to do it but I wanted to make Uncle Eggbert proud so I stepped into the ring and suddenly I was scared so I did the Gremlin Dance to calm me down and I thought everything would be okay and that I had made a new friend but then he knocked me out. I don't remember anything after that and my eye has been in the side of my head for days and I'm a very sweaty little creature and I hope Joe Coffey realises something. Radclaw forgives. But Radclaw does not forget."

It is highly doubtful that this is the last ICW has seen of Sebastian Radclaw, now all anyone can do is wait and see what happens if/when he returns