Sabu VS Chris Renfrew
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-04-2015 17:35 GMT
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It’s not every day that a man who claims to be ‘the most hardcore motherfucker on the planet’, steps into the ring with competitor who helped revolutionise the very meaning of ‘Hardcore’ in the 1990’s, but at ICW: Paperboy, at the 02 Academy Birmingham on Saturday April 18th, two generations of extreme will collide. It’s madman vs madman, as Chris Renfrew goes head-to-head in a hardcore dream match against ‘The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying’ Sabu.

Chris Renfrew’s entire legacy in ICW has been built on pure, unadulterated violence. While he has shown time and again that he can grapple with the best of them, Renfrew is a man who feels most comfortable in situations that would make others tremble in fear. Barbaric in his assault, and merciless in his motives, Renfrew cares about no-one, outside of the New Age Kliq, and as a result, has become known as one of the most dangerous men to ever grace the ICW ring. A former three-time ICW Tag Team Champion, as well as a former Square Go winner, Renfrew may be unconventional, but his actions get results, whether you agree with them or not. Now, having recently gone off the edge of sanity in his war with Dickie Divers, Renfrew is more unhinged and ruthless than ever before, which may stand him in good stead as he heads to the 02 Academy Birmingham to take on a legend of the Hardcore style. Can Renfrew add yet another name to his list of victims?

While Renfrew is most certainly a Hardcore individual, it could be argued that no-one embodies that word more than ‘The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying’ Sabu. An innovator of what would become known as ‘Extreme’ in the 1990’s, Sabu has competed in some of the most barbaric situations imaginable. Fire, tables and barbed-wire are all too common weapons in the arsenal of the Human Highlight Reel, and for that reason, Sabu is both respected and fear in equal measure around the world. Now back in Insane Championship Wrestling in pursuit of the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, Sabu will have the opportunity to not only gain some last-minute momentum before his title opportunity in London, but he will also have the chance to silence a challenger to his crown as the king of hardcore. Sabu is a man who knows no fear, and he will certainly not be looking to bow down at Chris Renfrew’s feet any time soon.

Two men who embody the ‘Insane’ aspect of ICW do battle for the first time ever, at the 02 Academy Birmingham this Saturday. Only one competitor can leave with his hand raised, but will either man be the same after these two unpredictable forces collide. Do not miss this epic encounter that will surely leave the 02 Academy Birmingham a different place than it was before.

ICW: Paperboy takes place at the 02 Academy Birmingham, this Saturday, April 18th. Tickets are available now at, and

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