By Scott Reid

'The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying' Sabu is known throughout the world as one of the most extreme wrestlers to ever enter the squared circle. Be it America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Japan or anywhere else he has competed, Sabu's legacy is one that has been built on violence and pain, with the man wearing his scars like badges of honour, telling a tale of a thousand injuries in the pursuit of glory.

In August 2013, Sabu made his way to ICW for the first time, entering a sold-out Edinburgh Picture House at ICW: 'Dave's Not Here Man!' to face ICW's own 'Hardcore Icon' Jack Jester. An international dream match pitting the past and present of hardcore wrestling against one and other, Sabu and Jester put it all on the line that night to walk out as the victor. When all was said and done, and the dust had settled, it was Jack Jester who stood victorious. While the win may have been a highlight of Jack Jester's career, he also appeared to have gained something that few men can claim to have; the respect of Sabu. With a mutual respect now formed between these two men, fans were wondering if they would ever see another bloody encounter between the pair in ICW.

In March 2014, at ICW: Still Smokin', Sabu returned and, after Red Lightning was forced to pull out of the event due to injury, found himself competing in a Fatal-Four Way match for the ICW Heavyweight Championship against Wolfgang, Chris Renfrew and current title-holder, Jack Jester. The match quickly spiralled out of control and, eventually, Jack Jester and Sabu came to blows once again, maiming each other with scissors, cork-screws, and anything else they could get their hands on. Jester was once again able to hold onto his title, despite the odds being stacked against him, and it seemed that the mutual respect that had been built between himself and Sabu had only grown stronger after the tough contest. That was far from the case however, as Jester soon found himself at the mercy of an enraged Sabu, who violently attacked the ICW Heavyweight Champion when his back was turned. The attack was shocking to say the least, with Sabu turning Jester's own corkscrew on him, ramming it into his skull and causing him to bleed profusely. ICW security staff attempted to make the save, but Sabu fought each of them off, swinging the corkscrew at them and throwing chairs at their heads. After returning to finish his violent work by dropping a ladder onto the weakened Jack Jester, Sabu stood in the ring with the ICW Heavyweight Championship belt in his hands, signifying one thing: He wants the ICW Heavyweight Championship, and will do absolutely anything in his power to get it. The attack left Jester in a worrying physical state, but the Champion refused help and left the O2 ABC of his own accord, showing that not even a Hardcore Legend can keep Jack Jester down. That being said, the attack may have taken a mental and emotional toll on Jester, as a man he once admired and respected turned on him in such a horrible fashion.

There is no word on if and when Sabu will return to ICW, but should he make his way back to the insane asylum, you can bet he will be met with a vengeful and dangerous Jack Jester. Jester is one of the most violent competitors in all of ICW, but does not take shortcuts to achieve greatness. He competes with honour, and has earned the respect of his peers and fans for it. Every man has his breaking point however, and Sabu may have found Jesters. With respect now apparently being gone between the two men, Sabu may have unlocked a darker side to the already twisted Jack Jester, and despite his many extreme opponents over the years, he might find that tipping Jack Jester over the edge is a truly dangerous move indeed.