The Rise and Fall of Fight Club
By Jeffrey Berry

One tag team has become synonymous with Tag Team wrestling in Scotland. Fight Club. Liam Thomson and Kid Fite. A team that have won titles all over the globe and faced some of the best teams the world has had to offer, including Beer Money. This success elsewhere never seemed to translate to gold in ICW, and Fight Club were never able to gain the ICW tag team titles. We take a look back on Fight Clubs time in ICW and how we have got to the point we are at.

Fight Club first appeared in ICW back at Fear and Loathing 3 when they teamed to defeat the Team of Blaze and Rampage (who would go on to become Christopher and Davey Boy respectively). On that evening, Fight Club showed exactly why they were so respected as a team. But was it downhill from there? What happened to Fight Club that has resulted in this fall out we are experiencing in 2014?

"Teabag! Teabag! Teabag!"....A chant that has followed Kid Fite in ICW since he first exposed his (ahem) baws to us back in 2011. This act has become one of Kid Fite's signatures in ICW, eliciting a huge crowd response on each occasion. It would appear that Kid Fite just wanted to have fun in ICW and enjoy the experience with the crowd. Liam, meanwhile, sat back and allowed his partner to act in such a way, never saying a word about it. Liam was always the more serious of the two, just getting to business in the ring.

2013 was to go down as the worst year in Fight Clubs history as they were only able to clock one victory within the year; a win over Project Ego. Fight Club would have the opportunity to gain the Tag Team gold at Dave's Not Here Man! In a 4 way for the tag titles, but were the first team to be officially eliminated from the contest. They would have a chance to redeem themselves at Fear and Loathing VI against the Sumerian Death Squad and The Bucky Boys but, yet again, Fight Club were on the losing end. As the year came to a close, Fight Club were way behind in the hunt for the tag team gold They were definitely a team in trouble.

With 2014 rolling around, Fight Club was adamant that this was going to be their year. Well, at least one member of Fight Club was....

Going into the 2014 Square Go match, it appeared both members of Fight Club were on the same page going into the match. When both men entered the match, all seemed to be going to plan with Fight Club uniting as a team to take on anyone within the match, a plan that seemed to be working fine....until when Kid Fite's back was turned, Liam sneakily eliminated him. Liam then laid the blame on Lionheart, which Kid Fite believed until later on when he was informed he had been eliminated by his own partner!

This could have easily been the final nail in the coffin but the team had to put their differences behind them as they were scheduled to face Team Kennedy (Kenny Williams and Joe Hendry). The question remained, could Fight Club operate as a unit? The short answer, no. Though they started off tagging, there was definite tension between the two and a lack of communication. Quite frankly they were struggling against a team they would have made light work of 12 months earlier; it seemed this relationship was beyond repair. This was pretty much confirmed when Kid Fite left his partner high and dry to fend off two men. This of course did not sit well with 'LT', but the strange fact is, Liam was able to actually get the win on his own, Fight Clubs first in almost a year. That would not be the end of Fight Clubs involvement that evening, as they would seen later splitting up a fight between Kaylee and Carmel, and though Fight Club never got into a physical altercation at that point, the message was very clear; the team of Fight Club was on wafer thin ice. Whether they are finished is yet to be seen, as we thought we had witnessed the end of them after the Square Go, only for them to reunite a month later, even though that reunion wasn't exactly a happy one. Mark Dallas tried to amend the relationship, stating that, with ICW going into England in May, he needs Fight Club as a unit (perhaps also pre-empting an NAK or Sumerian Death Squad victory at Still Smokin'.)

In this writer's opinion, this is the beginning of the end of Fight Club. Both men are clearly on completely different pages now in what they want to accomplish within ICW. Liam has always been about the wrestling, while Kid Fite wants to have fun and entertain the fans. Something has to give. How key an element Carmel is in this fall out is yet to be seen, but we are sure she has played a pivotal role in recent events. It was perhaps even Carmel that encouraged Liam to take the opportunity when it was presented to eliminate Kid Fite. As sad as it is to see such a dominant, prominent team come to end, I will admit that the prospect of a warring Fight Club does excite this writer. What could that mean for ICW if these two have come to an end? They could have resolved their issues by the next time ICW rolls into town on March 30th at Still Smokin, and as of writing, it seems the hatchet has been buried and Fight Club are united, but I'm not sure this can last...