The Rise & Rise of the New Age Kliq.
Scott Reid

Chris Renfrew. BT Gunn. Dickie Divers.

On their own, each of these men have been dominant and successful competitors in ICW, carving out their own personal legacies within the company. Together though, they have become a well-oiled machine intent on causing destruction, with their fury directed at anyone who gets in their way. It was not always this way, but once their "eyes were opened" to what they believed ICW truly was, the NAK became true agents of chaos, who will stop at nothing to burn ICW to the ground.

In the earliest days of ICW, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn were the rebellious soldiers who defended the insane asylum with their very hearts and souls, and the fans loved them for it. Willing to stand up and fight for what they, and a large majority of the fans, believed in, Renfrew and BT were a fearsome tandem who could go toe-to-toe with anyone. Eventually, they found themselves on the frontline of ICWs battle with The Gold Label, and fought the devious foursome on a number of extremely violent occasions.

When the dust had settled on their war with the Gold Label, BT had captured the ICW Heavyweight Championship from James Scott, and focused more on his singles career, but his bond with Renfrew was presumably still as strong as ever. When the night came that BT lost the ICW Heavyweight Championship to Red Lightning however, it started a chain-reaction that would see the dawning of a very different New Age Kliq.

Disappearing from ICW for a number of months, BT was nowhere to be found, with Renfrew even unable to reach out to him. His return came though at ICW: Hadouken, where he shockingly cost Renfrew the title, and proceeded to attack and terrorise his former partner for the following months, even going as far as to brutally stab him in the skull.

Eventually, the brutality became too much for Renfrew, who signed on to face his supposed friend in a "Loser Leaves ICW" match, despite his earlier promises to never fight BT Gunn. The match was intense and violent, but in the end, Renfrew had an epiphany. BT had been trying to prove a point to him all along; that ICW & Mark Dallas would happily see two friends destroy each other for the sake of business. Whether this logic was twisted or not, it was enough to flick a switch in Renfrew's head, as he hit Dallas in the neck with a Kendo stick, and re-aligned himself with BT Gunn, re-forming the New Age Kliq.

Since then, Renfrew and Gunn have made it their personal mission to destroy the empire that they once so valiantly protected, and have even managed to convince Dickie Divers of their views, who joined their cause after striking Scott Maverick with an 8-ball.

With their numbers growing, they have become more dangerous than ever before, and have shown their strength on a number of shocking occasions. Terrorising former MC Liane, attacking anyone they can get their hands on, and leaving Fergal Devitt laying at their feet were all early, but no less worrying, strikes at ICW, however recent months have seen them go from bad to worse.

After putting Team CK out of a Four Way Elimination Tag Match in August, The NAK finally succeeded in claiming a piece of ICW for themselves, when they captured the ICW Tag Team Championships. While the belts have been held in high regard since their creation, the New Age Kliq have taken to defacing the belts and re-christening them the 'NAK Tag Team Championships'.

The most frightening blow by the NAK however, was dealt not one week ago. While filming for the upcoming BBC documentary on ICW, Grado, The Wee Man and Mark Dallas were all barbarically assaulted by Renfrew and Gunn, who went as far as run Grado over with a car, seemingly putting him out of action. Dallas and The Wee Man did not escape unscathed either, with The Wee Man being beaten unconscious by Gunn, and Renfrew slamming Dallas's skull into a car door.

With their momentum growing, and their resolve taking on a much more violent life, the New Age Kliq are running rampant through ICW and show absolutely no signs of stopping. The question now is; will anyone be able to stop them, or will Renfrew, Gunn & Divers soon walk over the ashes of the once great empire known as Insane Championship Wrestling?

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