The Rise and Rise of Mark Coffey
By Jeffrey Berry

Often in wrestling, or any sport, when siblings are involved, one can be much more dominant than the other. Rio Ferdinand and his brother Anton are both involved with football, but Rio is a household name, Anton maybe not so much. In wrestling there have been many siblings, but more often than not one will stand taller than the rest. Kerry Von Erich, Barry Windham, Bret Hart. Yes, they can make their impact on the business, like Owen Hart for example, but as good as he was Bret always stood as the best.

When your brother is of the calibre of Joe Coffey, it is hard to step from the shadows and become your own man. Joe already carried a reputation of his own and in the past 2 years has evolved into one of, if not the best pure athlete in the Scottish scene today, meaning his brother Mark had a large shadow to step out of. Since his debut in the first annual Square Go, he has not only stepped out of his brother's shadow and became his own man, they are equals, with the name Mark Coffey carrying as much weight as Joe Coffey. We take a look at his rise to becoming Zero G champion and one of the most respected athletes in ICW today.

Mark would make his debut in the 2012 Square Go, and though he made a respectable attempt, the numbers game of the Gold Label was simply too much for him as he was one of their many victims that evening. At that time it seemed to be gang warfare, so he wisely teamed with his brother Joe as they ventured towards becoming the first ever ICW Tag Team Champions.

They advanced through Round 1 of the Tag Team Championship tournament in fairly controversial fashion when Noam Dar turned on his partner and left Wild to the mercy of the Coffey brothers, of which they show none, and tapped out Andy Wild. They would not get past the semifinals as they were eliminated by the sneaky STI in a match many considered to be an upset despite STI's experience advantage. The Coffey Brothers seemed to be a well-oiled machine, but something was missing...

That something was a goal, a purpose, and that purpose was to Save Pro Wrestling. Red Lightning, The Coffey Brothers and Red Lightning united to try and save pro wrestling from what it had turned into; in their eyes, a joke, no longer a sport. Though the SPW movement did not last long, it lit a fire under Mark an added a layer of aggression and anger he had been storing away.

After a very successful tour of Japan, Mark returned in peak physical condition and with a new level of maturity. It was time for him to wear Gold around his waist. Though the Coffey brothers were unsuccessful at ICW: Dave's Not Here Man! in their attempt at the tag team titles, that could perhaps be blamed on their then "young boy" (a name they had given him with respect to their way of teaching taken from the Japanese style) accidentally tripped Mark allowing Renfrew to sneak a roll up pin with a handful of tights. The Coffeys displayed no mercy and beat John Christopher Saynt literally out of ICW. The next time Mark would get the opportunity to wear gold, he would not let it pass, and at ICW: There's Something About Mary(hill), he became the Zero G Champion by defeating the dangerous Mikey Whiplash clean in the ring. Everyone immediately sat up and took notice. Mark had beaten the much more experienced Whiplash at his own game. With that, he cemented himself as top player in ICW. From there he has had some of the best matches to take place in an ICW ring, first with a savage beating on Solar at Fear and Loathing VI, which the young luchador has not yet returned from, followed by a match of the year contender with former 2 time Zero G champion Noam Dar at ICW: Fear & Lothian.

Mark Coffey is a name that stands on its own merit, and not because of the ground work laid by his brother before him, but on his own merits and hard work. They now are stepping into territory of equality between the ropes, like Terry and Dory Jr. That may seem like a crazy comparison to give at this point in their careers, but it might not be so crazy if you read those words back in 10 years time.