Jamie Kennedy

Goring both James Scott and Jimmy Havoc through a table, the 'War Machine' Rhino created a magical moment at this past Sunday's Fear & Loathing VI, one which will live on forever in the history of ICW. It's fair to say there wasn't one fan in attendance at the O2 ABC who wasn't looking forward to seeing the last World Champion in the promotional history of the original ECW, but even the man himself can't have been expecting such a thunderously rapturous reception.

As the crowd chanted the initials of the land of extreme, Rhino himself was quick to acknowledge the passion everyone involved has for our own realm of insane, citing the electric fan response from the huge crowd on hand, as well as crediting each and every man and woman behind the curtain.

"Thank you all. ECW was a big part of my life, and my career. It's nice to see you guys appreciate that, but tonight isn't about ECW, tonight is about the future. The future of wrestling. Tonight is about ICW!", Rhino stated mid-ring, before the capacity crowd on hand changed their chantings almost in mid-air, singing the refrain of 'I-C-DUB!'.

Also commenting to several ICW roster members that the promotion has a very "special feel" surrounding it, Rhino nonetheless came up short on his ICW debut, looking on helplessly as the volatile Havoc soared through the air, delivering a crushing double stomp onto a steel chair draped across the 'Man Beast's' chest, before covering for the victory.

Regardless of outcome, there can be little doubt that Rhino gored his way into the hearts of everybody looking on at ringside. Fascinatingly, it seems the indomitable ICW spirit also found its way into his. The chants of, 'Gore! Gore! Gore!' can still be heard, and fans will be hoping this isn't the last we see of Rhino in Insane Championship Wrestling.