By Scott Reid

Some time before ICW: Flava In Yer Ear, Mark Dallas informed everyone that, at the event, he would announce a major name who has been signed for the biggest show of the year, Fear & Loathing VI. Fan speculation was intense, with so many people wondering who it would be. On Sunday night, fans had to wait no longer. After the hellacious tag-team bout between the NAK and Jimmy Havoc & Jack Jester, Dallas appeared to confront Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn with a proposition. Renfrew has claimed recently that Jester was the man taking all his opportunities, including the chance to face Sabu in August. Dallas looked to silence these claims, and announced that Renfrew would face Jester one-on-one, with the winner taking on Sabu at ICW: Dave's Not Here Man. The news didn't stop there however.

Dallas also announced that BT Gunn would take on Jimmy Havoc for the right to go on to Fear & Loathing VI, to face one of the most destructive forces in all of professional wrestling: "The Man Beast" Rhino!

Making a name for himself in the original ECW as one of the most powerful men in wrestling, Rhino went on to win both the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and ECW World Television Championship (being the last man to hold both of those titles before the company closed its doors). Since then, Rhino has gone on to compete in many different promotions, and remains one of the rings most feared competitors.

So who will he face at Fear & Loathing VI? The former two-time ICW Heavyweight Champion BT Gunn, or "The Man without Fear" Jimmy Havoc? Either way, Rhino will be out to do what he does best: Destroy anyone who gets in his way, and leave the fans chanting "GORE! GORE! GORE!"