Chris Renfrew VS Mikey Whiplash
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-04-2015 19:03 GMT
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ICW: The Princess is in Another Castle, coming to you from Rock City in Nottingham this Saturday, April 11th is shaping up to be an absolutely fantastic card, with many of ICW's debut top stars gracing the venue for the companies first ever trip to Nottingham. Among that card is a first-time ever encounter that will see of the most demented minds in ICW go one-on-one, in what is sure to be an extremely violent encounter.

After months of mental torture, Mikey Whiplash got the answer he was looking for when BT Gunn revealed himself to be the man behind the cryptic messages that have been tormenting Legion's painted warrior. Whiplash has barely been able to control his more violent impulses during this time, but with his enemy now known to him as a man who will go to any lengths to cause pain and misery, Mikey may have no choice but to unleash the demon inside of him, if he hopes to survive being in the Oddity's crosshairs. At ICW: The Princess is in Another Castle however, Mikey will have the opportunity to hit BT where it hurts, as he is now confirmed to be squaring off against Gunn's NAK brother-in-arms, Chris Renfrew. 

While the calm, contolled Whiplash may have had trouble dealing with someone as demented as Renfrew, the demon uncaged is a different being all together. Twisted, remorseless and without mercy, Mikey Whiplash has commited some of the most heinous acts in ICW history, all while looking to torment another. Now, with the hunter becoming the hunted by BT Gunn and the NAK, Mikey may become the proverbial 'animal backed into a corner' who is now more dangerous than ever.

With that being said, he is not facing any average man in Nottingham. Chris Renfrew has long been a violent individual, but since losing the opportunity to become the Fourth Annual Square Go winner to Dickie Divers, Renfrew has been a monster on the rampage, losing all sense of right and wrong, and in the process, becoming more unpredictable and vicious than almost any competitor ICW has seen before. Mikey Whiplash may be able to go to some dark places in the ring, but Chris Renfrew's entire existence as of late has been one giant dark place, and that's exactly where he is comfortable.

No-one can truly predict what will happen when these two unstable forces collide for the first time ever, but it certainly won't be pretty. Who will come out on top, when two of the most sadistic men in ICW history square off, and what part, if any, will BT Gunn have to play in the contest?

ICW: The Princess is in Another Castle takes place this Saturday, April 11th at Rock City in Nottingham. Tickets are still available for this event, as well as all other dates on the Insane Entertainment System tour, at

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