Chris Renfrew VS Dickie Divers - Ladder Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 03-06-2015 22:44 GMT
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Dickie Divers and Chris Renfrew have come a long way since their days as New Age Kliq brothers. Once inseparable friends, the Fourth Annual Square Go would irreparably fracture their friendship, with Divers’ win sending the already unstable Renfrew over the edge. Believing Divers had betrayed him and stolen his shot at the glory, Chris snapped, making it his mission to destroy Divers, no matter what. Despite being pursued relentlessly by, arguably, the most deranged man in ICW history however, Dickie Divers has continued to soldier on, refusing to let Renfrew beat him into submission. After their brutal Chair match at ICW: Flawless Victory (available to watch now on ICW On Demand), many believed that Renfrew and Divers’ war was over, but  at ICW: Spacebaws – Episode 1, Renfrew sent a very clear message to his former friend; he will not stop until he takes what he believes is rightfully his – Divers’ Square Go contract, for a guaranteed shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

At Spacebaws, as Divers announced to the world that he planned to cash in his opportunity at the gold at ICW: Fear & Loathing VIII at the SECC, the New Age Kliq struck. Beating Divers to near unconsciousness, Renfrew swore to take what he coveted so much, and he would do so in a match that Dickie Divers has made famous in ICW; a Ladder Match. Seeing no other way to resolve the issues between these two hated rivals, ICW management has made it official. At ICW: Shug’s Hoose Party II, Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers will go to war one more time, but this time, the Square Go contract will hang high above the ring, with the winner being the man who can scale the ladder and claim the prize for himself.

While Renfrew looks to embarrass Divers at Shug’s Hoose Party II by beating him at his own game, ego may be clouding Chris’s judgement as he steps into this extremely risky contest. To date, every single Ladder match in Insane Championship Wrestling history has featured one competitor; Dickie Divers. As part of the STI, alongside William Grange, Divers successfully became the first ICW Tag Team Champion in a Ladder match, and has gone on to have more experience than anyone in this type of match. That experience, coupled with the strategic intellect that he shown time and again since the beginning of 2015, could be just the tools that Divers needs to take Renfrew out for good, and climb to the top of the ladder to protect what is rightfully his.

However, Divers is stepping into this match to face a man who is not only dead-set on becoming #1 Contender to the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, but is also determined to destroy Divers at any and all costs. One of the most unorthodox competitors in ICW, Renfrew is a man who can inflict pain on an opponent in some of the most sickening ways imaginable, but what truly makes him dangerous is his ability to put his own body on the line to achieve victory. Sometimes appearing to have absolutely no regard for his own well-being, Renfrew is relentless in his pursuit of, what he believes to be, his destiny; the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, and he will not stop until he has it in his possession, even if it means sacrificing himself to get it. While Ladder matches are extremely high-risk, and can often cause serious injury to the competitors involved, how can Divers hope to stop a man who will throw himself from a 10 foot ladder without hesitation, all in the name of victory?

One of the most intense rivalries in recent memory writes another chapter at ICW: Shug’s Hoose Party II. Can Dickie Divers hold onto that coveted Square Go contract in a match he knows better than anyone? Or will Chris Renfrew finally take what he believes was stolen from him back in January?

ICW: Shug’s Hoose Party II, part of the Waynestock weekender, takes place at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, on Sunday July 26th. Tickets are available now at, and

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