Sunday 13th July Renfrews Moment of Glory
By Scott Reid
Posted On 10-07-2014 17:15 GMT
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As the ICW Heavyweight Champion, Jack Jester has always had a target on his back, from the moment he took the gold from Mikey Whiplash back in October 2013. Whether they love him or hate him, every member of the ICW roster wants what Jester has. The ICW Heavyweight Championship is the most sought after prize in British Wrestling today, and everyone who is anyone is looking for their opportunity at capturing the strap.

One man who has a better chance than anyone however, is the venomous mouthpiece of the NAK, Chris Renfrew. After controversially winning the Third Annual Square Go match back in January, Renfrew earned himself a contract which allowed him to challenge for the ICW Heavyweight Championship at a time of his choosing. While many men would have jumped at the first opportunity to cash in such a contract, Renfrew has lay in wait for months, like a snake in the grass, waiting for the opportune moment to strike, and take the ICW Heavyweight Championship for himself.

That golden moment has been teased for months, but this Sunday may turn out to be the night that Renfrew's plan comes full circle, and he finally cashes in on Jack Jester.

Both Renfrew and Jester are part of a Falls Count Anywhere tag team match this Sunday at ICW: What's Your Boggle, with Renfrew teaming with NAK stablemate Dickie Divers, and Jester tagging alongside Jimmy Havoc. All 4 of these men, along with BT Gunn, were part of a very similar tag match a year ago, which was so violent that ICW Management have refused to ever air the footage to the public. On that night, every competitor left a bloody and beaten mess, with thumbtacks, chairs and wooden boards littering the ringside area. A year on, with the NAK/ICW bad blood only exacerbated, the Falls Count Anywhere Tag match this Sunday has the potential to not only top last years war, but could also leave Jack Jester in a vulnerable position for Chris Renfrew to make his move.

While Renfrew and Dickie Divers are the official participants in this contest, Jimmy Havoc and Jack Jester may also have to contend with the underlying threat of BT Gunn and Darkside, who will no doubt be waiting in the wings to assist their NAK cohorts. With the odds stacked firmly against them, Jester and Havoc will have their work cut out for them if they hope to not only leave victorious, but also in one piece!

With that being said, should the battle be more than he can handle and the NAK find a way to use their numbers to keep him down, Jester may be in no fit state to defend his ICW Heavyweight Championship if Chris Renfrew decides to cash in his contract.

Could this Sunday see a changing of the times in ICW? Chris Renfrew is dead-set on becoming ICW Heavyweight Champion, and this Sunday may be the night when he realises his dream, and takes the gold from around Jack Jesters waist.

ICW: What's Your Boggle takes place this Sunday, July 13th at the O2 Academyn Islington in London. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster, and the O2 Academy Islington.

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