Amanda Seymour

As a man with endless talent in the ring, and an utterly ruthless approach to winning, Red Lightning is the definition of a formidable opponent and at Fear and Loathing VI: Welcome To Bat Country, he returned to the Insane Championship Wrestling ring after being fired by owner, Mark Dallas earlier in the year at ICW: Reservoir Dogs. His return, sadly for him, was not as glorious as it could have been.

Red Lightning didn't depart from ICW on the best of terms and to have him return at Fear and Loathing VI was a surprising choice for Mark Dallas, but given the circumstances surrounding his reinstatement, the mystery behind Dallas' decision became a little clearer. As former team mate, Wolfgang was getting set to go head to head with the entirety of the New Age Kliq on his own, Mark Dallas drafted in help from not only Red Lightning, but also from Lionheart, who also returned last night after a long period away from active ICW competition. It appeared as if the highly successful group 'The Gold Label' was reforming on the biggest night in ICW history. The members were there, but some of the old chemistry that made them so dominant in the past was lacking as they once again went head to head with the NAK.

There was undeniably some friction between the former Label teammates as the match progressed but for the most part, The Gold Label were able to keep the NAK at bay, keeping at least one of them on the outside of the ring and on the floor for a good portion of the match. Red Lightning seemed to find his groove again though, and was soon falling back into bad habits. He managed to get hold of the face-plate from one of the wrecked and customised 'NAK Tag Team Championship' belts, and was aiming to finish the match in his own way. His move, however, was misjudged as he inadvertently hit Lionheart, costing his team the match.

The New Age Kliq and the Gold Label have a very storied history at Fear and Loathing events and it seemed only fitting that Red Lightning would return at ICW's biggest show. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't the victorious return he was expecting. Time will tell if his second run with Insane Championship Wrestling will be as successful as his first, but if Fear and Loathing VI is anything to go by, seeing him on the same side of the ring again as the rest of his Gold Label teammates might take a little time.