ICW Tag-Team Titles - Polo Promotions vs. The GZRS
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 30-11-2015 13:35 GMT
Tags: Jackie Polo , Mark Coffey , Tom Irvin

Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo have been utterly dominant as the reigning ICW Tag-Team Champions. For well over a full calender year, the tandem have taken on all comers and held the belts with pride. Ask almost any ICW fan who their favourite team is, and there's a good chance that they'll reply with the group's familiar refrain of, 'Who Bad!?'.

Popularity is also something The GZRS can boast. Since crash-landing in ICW this past August, both Tom and Sebastian have shown themselves to be incredibly suitable for the topsy-turvy, madcap world that is Insane Championship Wrestling. They have attitude in abundance, but it isn't what happens outside the ring which will determine whether or not they can claim the gold.

On Sunday , December 6th, The GZRS will have the chance to make history. The newcomers have a real opportunity in front of them, because they could end the historic reign of Polo Promotions. For many Polo and Coffey fans, that's something which is unthinkable. There are already those wondering whether or not the ICW Tag-Team Champs will ever be beaten, such is their dominance over the current tag-team scene in ICW.

At Fear & Lothian III, Polo Promotions once again vanquished the threat of The 55. Admittedly, there were problems between James R. Kennedy, Sha Samuels and Kid Fite on November 29th, but that shouldn't take away from the champion's victory. Just as they did at Fear & Loathing VIII from the SECC, Polo Promotions left the building in Edinburgh weeks later with the belts still in their possession.

Will that be the case following December 6th? Stranger things have happened, but the odds are not in The GZRS favour. Thankfully for the invading loudmouths from down South, they have unpredictability in their corner. Will that be enough to win the ICW Tag-Team Titles, or will Polo Promotions continue this incredible run with the straps?

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