By Scott Reid

The ICW Zero-G Championship has undergone a rather extensive makeover indeed!

Unveiled on the latest episode of ICW Worldwide, The ICW Zero-G Championship has been re-designed, with the new strap looking sleeker and more eye-catching than ever before. With the success of Insane Fight Club, coupled with a boost in mainstream popularity and attention, ICW is in a state of change and growth, so there could not be a better time to update the company's championship belts. A new belt for a new era, so to speak.

A highly coveted belt within British wrestling, the ICW Zero-G Championship represents hard-work, dedication and passion, and only men who possess all of these attributes have been able to capture the illustrious title. Noam Dar, Andy Wild, Lionheart, Wolfgang, Mikey Whiplash and Mark Coffey make up the list of past Zero-G Champions, with each man adding more prestige to the belt every time it is handed over. The current Zero-G Champion, Fergal Devitt, brings plenty of prestige of his own to the strap, having competed all over the world, with many people believing him to be the best professional wrestler working today.

Devitt has yet to defend the ICW Zero-G Championship, having only won the belt a few weeks ago at ICW: Still Smokin', but upon his first title defence, he will walk to the ring with a brand new belt in hand, kick-starting a new chapter in the history of the Zero-G title. There's no gold like new gold!