The NAK vs. Davey Boy & Kenny Williams
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 03-12-2015 15:02 GMT
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Davey Boy finally has some vindication for all the pain caused by The New Age Kliq. On November 15th, the 'Buckfast Barbarian' met Stevie Boy for the ICW Zero-G Title. The cousins opened Fear & Loathing VIII in fine style, and the 4,000 in attendance embraced Davey as their new champion. For this particular Bucky Boy, the nightmare was over, something both he and The Wee Man were quick to recognise.

Emotion spilled over, this was a huge moment for the duo. Revenge is a dish best-served cold, but there was a warm glow in the SECC at Fear & Loathing. Unfortunately, ICW often has no room for sentiment, certainly when it comes to The NAK. BT Gunn and Stevie Boy will unite to team against Davey Boy, but the new ICW Zero-G Champ isn't coming alone.

On the surface, Davey Boy shares a lot in common with Kenny Williams. That may seem like a strange statement, because both men have vastly different lifestyles. Inside the ring however, they are both bright young sparks who often show heart and courage. Williams is also a former Zero-G Champion, so he can attest to the daily struggles that Davey is going through right now.

With that title comes a target to shoot for, and Stevie Boy is readying his aim. December 6th, 2015 at The Garage in Glasgow marks the first step to taking the gold from his family and breaking his heart once again. At Fear & Lothian, Gunn and Stevie offered up a brutal attack, halting the match between Davey Boy and Kenny Williams in the process.

This only gives Davey and Williams something to fight for. It's true that The NAK are vicious beasts, but they should watch not to light the fire which definitely exists in both the ICW Zero-G Champion and his partner. If they do, they may just get burned.

Tickets for ICW's Friday Night Fight Club taping are still available. The show takes places from The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, December 6th, 2015. Head to and for ticket information!

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