Mikey Whiplash: Inside the Mind of a Madman
By Scott Reid

Since he first stepped in foot in ICW, Mikey Whiplash has been a controversial and mysterious figure. Making his debut in late 2011, Whiplash has brought pain and misery to all who cross his path, whether they were a bitter rival like Jack Jester, or they were just an unfortunate soul who made the mistake of getting in his way.

For over a year since he arrived, clad in leather, and spilling blood wherever he could find it, Whiplash was not the man who had built a career as one of the finest wrestling talents that the UK has ever produced. He was a sadistic, violent brawler whose unpredictability made him the bane of many ICW wrestlers lives, namely Jack Jester and Grado, who entered into brutal blood-feuds with Whiplash that still shock people to this day. In 2013, however, ICW fans began to see a slow but noticeable change in Mikey Whiplash that developed as the year went on. After winning the 2nd Annual Square Go Match in January 2013, he slowly began to revert back to the Mikey Whiplash of old, trading fishnets and barbed-wire for kneepads and submissions. With that change came his first reign as ICW Heavyweight Champion, as well as the 2013 "Match of the Year" award for his title defence against Grado. Despite his past actions, fans had begun to believe that the Mikey Whiplash they had come to know and fear was gone forever, but it would only be a matter of time before his dark side would rear its ugly head once again.

His growing frustrations and unfinished business with Jack Jester re-ignited the black flame in Mikey's mind, bringing out the monster within to face Jester one more time at ICW: Fear & Loathing VI, where Whiplash lost the ICW Heavyweight Championship to his hated nemesis. After that bitter disappointment, Mikey would lose in a match against Kay Lee Ray in November, before the final blow to his already fragile psyche would be dealt. In his third match with Grado in December, Mikey suffered an unfortunate injury which saw his leg impaled on a broken guard-rail, causing the match to be stopped for fear of his safety. While everyone at ringside did their very best to help him, it now appears that this was the final tipping point for Mikey Whiplash.

At the 3rd Annual Square Go, the darkness within looked to have fully enveloped Mikey Whiplash, as he brutally attacked referee Eddie 'Sideburns' Roberts, Yum Yum and Grado. During his attack on Eddie Roberts, Whiplash proclaimed that he would introduce the young referee to his "new religion" by powerbombing him onto the very guard-rail that had injured Whiplash a month before, which he called "My Alter". While Eddie was saved by Yum Yum and Grado, there is no doubt in anyones mind that Whiplash could have ended the young mans career if he had not been stopped.

On the latest episode of ICW Worldwide, Mikey Whiplash issued the following statement regarding his actions:

"Since the 3rd annual square go Mark Dallas & the management of ICW have been reaching out to myself with regards to my actions that evening.
Let me start off by saying that in future the only communication you will receive from myself will be via written correspondence. You will never again see me sink so low as to appear on youtube shows such as this and degrade myself in ways similar to those that hound after the spotlight.
With that being put on the record I'd now like to state that my intentions of the evening in question were as far as I was concerned in the best interests of the people I interacted with.
Young Edward needed to be educated in the fact that eventually all those plaudits he was desperate for with the "eddy sideburns *clap* *clap* *clap*" chants when i was trying to thank him would need to be atoned for... Edward now knows that a) never doubt me & b) actions have consequences.
As for Yum Yum people having been saying I took an opportunity away from the poor boy. I disagree I saved him, I took that poor boy out of harms way so there would not be a repeat of the Square Go 2013.... See I wasn't the 1st to almost die on a guardrail, thanks to me as Mark Dallas reads this out Yum Yum is tucked up safe in bed.
And last but not least.....
GRADO, your lesson. Never take your eyes of the prize.
Since Fear & Loathing 4 you've been trying to beat me and come up short each time and i'll be the 1st to admit at the ABC you might just have it in you to do it.
But at the square go the way I see it I did you a favour, I gave you a way to save face with your fans, to leave the square go and again like Yum Yum be 100% for the ABC show.....
In finishing, if you need to vilify me right now so be it but in the sands of time I will be a Martyr to a true cause."

While he seems to feel that his actions were justified, no-one knows for sure what exactly is going on in the mind of Mikey Whiplash. He has always been an enigma to the ICW fans, and indeed the ICW roster, but it now appears that any hint of the "old school" Mikey Whiplash that may have existed is gone. What we appear to be left with now is the tormented, dangerous entity that can break the spirits of even the toughest men, and if that is the case, then everyone in ICW had better be on high alert.

Mikey Whiplash will take on Yum Yum at ICW: The Goggles! They Do Nothing! takes place at Studio 24 in Edinburgh on February 23rd 2014. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster and Tickets-Scotland.