Mark Coffey Vs Stevie Boy: A Do or Die Match
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 30-09-2014 11:03 GMT
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At first glance, on such a stacked card, it would be easy to overlook this match, but that would be unfair as this is set to be an absolute cracker. With no titles or opportunities for the gold, people could view this as just an exhibition match to entertain the fans. The truth is, this match means a tremendous amount to both men, a win or lose for either setting the tone for what is to come for them in ICW.

2014 has been, for the most part, a successful year for Mark Coffey. He started the year holding the ICW Zero-G Championship, and was proclaiming himself to be the "Real" ICW champion. Aligning himself with Jackie Polo in Polo Promotions, Mark was on a roll. His momentum was somewhat stalled when he lost the Zero-G title to Fergal Devitt, when Devitt appeared unannounced at Still Smokin'. This would only be a minor set back for Coffey however, as he was able to regain the title from Devitt a month later, to become a two time Zero-G Champion. It can be argued that Mark will go down as the greatest Zero-G Champion of all time, beating any and all challengers, in all shapes and sizes.

Mark would have his opportunity to finally prove he was the "Real" ICW champion when faced Jack Jester for the ICW Heavyweight Title at ICW: '1.21 Gigawatts, Great Scott!'. Though Coffey took Jester to his limits, the Heavyweight Champion was able to yet again get the win, and add Mark Coffey to his list of fallen foes. Mark Coffey could no longer claim to be the "Real" ICW Champion as he had missed his opportunity to become ICW Heavyweight Champion.

Mark Coffey's bad fortune would continue one month later at ICW: Spacebaws - Episode 4 - A New Hope, when he was defeated by Kenny Williams for the Zero-G title. Mark Coffey had gone from having a legitimate claim to being the Real ICW Champion in many ways and, in the space of two matches, he had lost, not only his bragging rights, but his Zero-G Championship.
Whether we like it or not, 2014 has been a terrible year for the Bucky Boys. Though they added a second ICW Tag Title reign to their resume, they have been on the losing end of an ongoing war with the NAK. This war has seen Davey Boy injured and placed on the shelf, placing the Bucky Boys future in jeopardy. This has prompted Mark Dallas to put Stevie Boy forward in the singles division within ICW.

Though this is mostly new territory for Stevie Boy within ICW, what few singles matches he has had within ICW, Stevie has been very successful, winning two of the three contests. A win over Divers during the STI/Bucky Boys feud of 2011, and a massive win over the number one contender to the ICW title, the NAK's Chris Renfrew. In his only other singles match in ICW, he took then-ICW Heavyweight Champion Red Lightning to his limits, and very nearly became ICW Champion. When Stevie is put into singles action, he can get the job done, proving he is so much more than just a tag wrestler.

This match is vital to both men for several reasons. For Coffey, he needs this win to get back on track after the two biggest consecutive losses in his career. He needs this to garner momentum and get back in the title hunt. For Stevie Boy, this is his opportunity to show his success in singles matches are more than just occasional events. This is to show he can get the job done alone, against one of the best wrestlers in ICW and a former two time Zero-G Champion.

This is much more than just another match for both these men; This is the next step in their careers.

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