Renfrew vs Wolfgang
By Scott Reid
Posted On 07-10-2014 18:51 GMT
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ICW: I Am the Walrus is one of the most impressive cards that ICW has produced this year, and yet another match has been added that will, no doubt, leave the Liverpool audience speechless.

Throughout their tenures in ICW, Chris Renfrew and Wolfgang have, more often than not, been on opposite sides of the fence. Since the day Wolfgang turned his back on BT Gunn and Renfrew to form the Gold Label, He and Renfrew have been at each others throats. However, never have the two men stepped between the ropes to settle their differences man-to-man. They have locked horns time and time again in tag-team matches, and helacious team Street Fights, but at ICW: I Am The Walrus, Renfrew and Wolfgang will meet in a one-on-one contest for the first time ever, and Liverpool will likely never be the same again.

Wolfgang has been at war with BT Gunn and, by association, the New Age Kliq for months now, and has, more often than not, been the victim of brutal 4-on-1 attacks, one of which almost put the big man out of commission for good. Now, at ICW: I Am The Walrus, Wolfgang gets the opportunity to take out the ring-leader of the NAK, Chris Renfrew, and finally begin to even the score against his anarchic tormentors. Chirs Renfrew is very dangerous indeed, but they don't come much bigger or badder than Wolfy. Can Wolfgang knock Renfrew out of the war, and get one step closer to destroying the NAK for good?

Not if Chris Renfrew has anything to say about it. Widely regarded as one of the most hardcore men in all of British Wrestling, Renfrew is as twisted as they come. While most men have the ability to show some form of restraint in their actions, Chris Renfrew does not possess that quality, and while happily inflict sickening amounts of punishment on his opponents without hesitation. With his years long hatred for Wolfgang fueling him on, Renfrew may very well succeed in finishing off the job that the NAK started a few months ago in London, and put Wolfgang out of action for good. Add into the mix that Renfrew permanently has his NAK reinforcements waiting in the wings, Wolfgang may be heading into a fight that he just cant win. Renfrew will definitely be heading into this match with an ace up his sleeve, and will do everything in his power to put the wolf down.

It's a match literally years in the making. Can Wolfgang rip through one member of the NAK, and finally gain some redemption? Or will Renfrew once again play a part in defeating and humiliating the franchise of ICW?

ICW: I Am The Walrus takes place at the o2 Academy Liverpool on Saturday October 11th. Tickets are now available or

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