Zero-G Title - Kid Fite vs. Kenny Williams
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 08-10-2014 17:24 GMT
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In many sports, it's been said that the most dangerous time is just after you've scored. The general idea surrounding this thinking is that initial elation clouds better judgement, people can lose things before they've even had time to appreciate them. For the new ICW Zero-G Champion, Kenny Williams, there's barely been enough time to draw breath, never mind appreciate!

After winning his first major title in pro wrestling at ICW: Spacebaws Episode IV: A New Hope on September 21, Kenny Williams – in one fell swoop – won the Zero-G belt and broke free from his contract with James R. Kennedy and The Kennedy Administration. A man reborn, standing in his own shadow, Williams has since defenced his newly won gold against one of the biggest names on the UK scene. By defeating 'Party' Marty Scurll in Newcastle at ICW: Helter Skelter just last weekend, Williams has shown he's exactly what ICW fans have been chanting all along, 'The Bollocks'.

Up next for the action-ready champion, is the man who trained him to become a professional wrestler. In recent times, ICW fans have seen a fun-loving Kid Fite, but there's likely to be a different demeanour about the street-hardened Fite in Dundee at ICW: Sgt Wolfgang's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Teaching Kenny Williams everything the Zero-G champ knows, is this a case that Kid Fite didn't teach him everything he – meaning Fite – knows? If so, just how big a part will that extra knowledge play in the chances of Fite breaking his student's heart, and stealing away the belt he's fought so hard to drape over his young shoulders?

What a treat this match is for ICW fans old and new who will converge upon Fat Sams in Dundee; even if the ICW Zero-G Title wasn't on the line in this bout, it'd still be a complete cracker. The fact there is that championship at stake, means the ante has been firmly upped. Many fans will point to the just-announced ICW Heavyweight Title match-up between Jack Jester and Grado as the focal point of the event, but don't discount this title match either, few will be surprised if Kid Fite vs. Kenny Williams, in a master vs. student showcase, steals the entire show.

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