Drew Galloway Vs Wolfgang
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 03-10-2014 20:02 GMT
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ICW's debut in Dundee has already seen a massive match-up signed, as Drew Galloway takes on Wolfgang.

These men are no strangers to each other, having both trained together when they both got started in Wrestling over ten years ago. They are more than just opponents, they are friends.
A match of this magnitude between two of the best heavyweight wrestlers the country has ever produced would usually be the focus of both men, but with so much else going on, will they be fully focused on the match at hand?

Drew Galloway is guaranteed a title shot at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII against whomever the ICW Heavyweight Champion may be at that point. As of press time, Jack Jester is still champion, and with the deeply personal nature of the feud between Galloway and Jester, Galloway will be wanting Jester to remain champion until Fear and Loathing VII in the Barrowlands. The hatred between Jester and Galloway is at boiling point, but is Galloway going to be fully focused on the challenge of Wolfgang?

Wolfgang, on the other hand, is also embroiled in a deeply personal rivalry with his cousin BT Gunn that has seen some of the most heinous acts in Insane Championship Wrestling history. It seems there is no end in sight, the only outcome seemingly being that this will end when one of them doesn't walk away. How can Wolfgang focus on the challenge of Drew Galloway, whilst in such a dangerous environment? An environment where BT and his band of wild animals the NAK lurk, and can strike at any point?

This match is vital for both men. Galloway needs to remain on his winning ways on the road to Fear and Loathing VII. He can't afford to slip now, and only a win will do. Wolfgang, though having his issues with BT Gunn, must, in his mind, know that a win over Galloway would put him straight in contention to face the ICW Heavyweight Champion, whomever it may be after Fear and Loathing VII.

It is extremely doubtful, with all of the elements in place, that this match will go off without a hitch, with so much already on the line for both men and with so much bad blood between all involved. This could go many ways, and could be a true classic between two ICW originals in a straight up wrestling contest, but it could also degenerate into anarchy, with the NAK and Jack Jester all set to appear at the event. This is a match making everyone in Insane Championship Wrestling very nervous.

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