Joe Hendry vs. Liam Thomson
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 08-10-2014 17:22 GMT
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Taking all other elements out of play, Joe Hendry squaring off with Liam Thomson is one hell of a physical battle. On one side, the egotistical and self-proclaimed 'Global Hero' has the height advantage, and his recent forays into the gruelling world of Amateur wrestling show an ever-present desire to improve on every aspect of his game. On the other, the man dubbed 'Bad Boy' is a veteran across Europe, proving time and time again that height need not matter when he steps foot inside the ring. Indeed, such is the tenacity of Thomson, and deceptive strength, that he is constantly on the lips of ICW fans as a champion-in-waiting.

With the conniving nature and intelligence of his partner, Carmel now in his corner, it may only be a matter of time for Thomson before gold is around his waist. During normal circumstances, the same could be said of Joe Hendry, but his advisor, James R. Kennedy is as fragile as ever, stemming from the literally thumping departure of new ICW Zero-G Champ, Kenny Williams from The Kennedy Administration. Due to such recent incidents, Kennedy may not be quite as on-the-ball at ringside as he usually is, always looking to snare an advantage for the 'apple of his eye'.

For the always-switched-on Carmel, this weakness may present opportunity, something the vixen may look to pounce on. That's not to say Liam Thomson needs any help, far from it, but never underestimate just how important a part of any relationship that female intuition can be.

Joe Hendry will surely be out for victory, not only for the benefit of his own career, but to show why he was picked as the spear head of The Kennedy Administration in the first place. This match, for both Hendry and Liam Thomson, represents a chance to regain momentum in ICW. Outside distractions are all well and good, but if this one comes down to a pure athletic struggle, it's anyone's guess on the result. One thing is for sure, there are no 'meaningless' matches in Insane Championship Wrestling, and this bout is proof.

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