BT Gunn Vs Stevie Boy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 08-10-2014 17:48 GMT
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Stevie Boy has passed every obstacle placed in his path as of late, and excelled since being entered into the singles division, with consecutive wins over the 2014 Square Go winner Chris Renfrew and former Zero-G Champion Mark Coffey. Due to this impressive form, ICW Management has granted Stevie the opportunity to earn a shot at the ICW Zero-G Championship this Friday in Dundee. To get his shot at the gold though, Stevie must face what may very well be his greatest challenge to date, as he must defeat former two-time ICW Heavyweight Champion, 'The Oddity' BT Gunn.

Though they have crossed paths on more than one occasion within ICW, whether it be in tag matches, street fights or ladder matches, but this will the first time they have faced off in singles competition in an ICW ring. Both men are renowned for their fast-paced, hard striking styles, but this is so much more than two top wrestlers squaring off for the opportunity to become Zero G Champion. This match has a lot of bad blood thrown into the mix.

Ever since August of last year, the NAK have been at war with the Bucky Boys, mainly over the ICW Tag Team Championships. This feud has seen many casualties, with Davey Boy put on the shelf with a career threatening knee injury. It is a sad fact that the NAK can indeed take credit for dismantling the Bucky Boys but, no matter what they do to Stevie Boy, he keeps coming back for more. With Bucky on his breath and both middle fingers firmly in the air, Stevie Boy maybe the most resilient wrestler in ICW.

BT Gunn has mainly been focused on Wolfgang throughout 2014, but when he has not been making Wolfgang's life a living hell, has been tormenting the Bucky Boys. BT Gunn is an unhinged, dangerous entity, and Stevie Boy should be at full alert that BT will have no issues in trying to finish off the last standing Bucky Boy.
If BT Gunn is successful this Friday, and then goes on to defeat the Zero-G Champion at ICW: I Am the Walrus, he will make history as being the first man to have held every title ICW has to offer; the first ever ICW Grand-Slam Champion if you will.

As with all matches including the NAK, the way this match pans out may be dependant on how involved the rest of the NAK are that evening. With three of the four members already announced to compete this Friday, hopefully this match will play out as a straight up singles contest, with the better man coming out on top. However, as the NAK are always quick to point out, every card is subject to change. Whatever happens, this will be fast paced drama as only ICW can produce, And we can't wait!

ICW: Sgt Wolfgangs Lonely Hearts Club Band takes place this Friday, October 10th, at Fat Sams in Dundee. Tickets are available now at and

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