Jack Jester vs Jimmy Havoc
By Scott Reid
Posted On 14-10-2014 15:11 GMT
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At ICW: Lucy In The Sky With Divers, ICW owner Mark Dallas ordered a tag team match to take place, which was intended to protect the two main event matches of ICW: Fear & Loathing VII on November 2nd at the Barrowlands. ICW Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester was forced to team alongside Drew Galloway, against Wolfgang and his estranged cousin BT Gunn, with orders that, should any man attack his partner, there would be extreme repercussions. The bad blood between these four men was too much to handle however, and the match inevitably descended into chaos, with all 4 competitors brawling throughout the venue. As a result, Mark Dallas has ordered that each man involved in the match will suffer a different punishment for their actions.

In the case of ICW Heavyweight Champion Jack Jester, it could be argued that he is facing the greatest punishment of them all. Just confirmed by ICW Management, Jester will be defending his title this Sunday at ICW: Ringo's Despair against the one man who is just as sick and twisted as himself; Jimmy Havoc.

The last time ICW headed to London, Jimmy Havoc snapped during a Tag Team Street Fight, and attacked Jack Jester mercilessly, beating him to near-unconsciousness with a chair. Proclaiming his desire to be ICW Heavyweight Champion, Jimmy swore that he would return to ICW and take the belt from Jester, and now he has his opportunity. Where Jimmy Havoc goes, chaos and violence soon follow, with multiple ICW venues still stained with the blood of the insane Londoners adversaries. With Jester's mind in a more fragile state than ever before, and the pressure of making it to ICW: Fear & Loathing VII weighing heavy on his shoulders, now may be the perfect time for Jimmy Havoc to strike and take the gold that he so desperately covets.

However, an animal is at its most dangerous when it is backed into a corner, and Jack Jester's title reign has never felt more threatened than in the last few months. With an opponent as dangerous as Jimmy Havoc in the ring with him, Jester may be forced to find a fire within himself that has been all but extinguished in the last few months. If he hopes to make it to ICW: Fear & Loathing VII to face Drew Galloway, Jester will have to be more violent than ever, more determined than ever, and more insane than ever to defeat his extremely dangerous opponent. Can the ICW Hardcore Icon pull off one last massive victory before ICW's annual event, Fear & Loathing?

Expect blood and brutality, as two of the most hardcore men in all of British Wrestling go at it, one more time. Respect is gone, and all that remains is the desire to be at the top of the mountain. Come Fear & Loathing VII, will Jimmy Havoc or Jack Jester stand tall as the ICW Heavyweight Champion?

ICW: Ringo's Despair takes place this Sunday, October 19th at the 02 Academy Birmingham. Tickets are available now at www.ticketmaster.co.ukand www.triplegmusic.com

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