Last Stop On The Road To Fear & Loathing VII
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 17-10-2014 17:39 GMT
Tags: Drew Galloway

This is it. On the morning of November 3rd, 2014, Insane Championship Wrestling will never be the same. There's no generic bullshit hype to be found here, that statement will prove itself to be true.

As the final bell rings at Fear & Loathing VII the night before on November 2nd, when the last fan leaves the building, and the last empty glass has been slammed down on a nearby table - following wild celebrations about just how far the company has come, ICW as we know it will have evolved into a different animal.

There's no need for panic, it's a good thing, a beautiful thing. ICW will still be putting on sell-out show after sell-out show, cramming buildings full of wrestle-hungry punters, and providing the best events the business of pro wrestling can provide, but when the dust settles on this year's grandest show, the ante will be forever upped.

It's fair to say that anticipation is at boiling point for Fear & Loathing. The prospect of seeing the returning hero, fresh from his exploits under the most bright of lights, Drew Galloway battle your ICW Heavyweight Champion, Jack Jester - a man who has bled for this promotion - is almost at palpable levels of excitement.

Similarly, fans are salivating over the opportunity to see Wolfgang gain bittersweet revenge over BT Gunn, as ICW prepares to present the card of a lifetime.

Excitement levels, off the charts. Anticipation, incredible. With not a ticket left available for Fear & Loathing VII, attention turns fully to this Sunday's event in Birmingham, ICW: Ringo's Despair. Simply put, this is any ICW fan's last chance to see the roster before that fateful night on November 2nd.

Anybody who has any grasp over what the letters 'ICW' mean, knows the company don't overlook any show, and Birmingham is no different. Sunday, October 19th, 2014, the 02 Academy in the city known as the 'Workshop Of The World' will find out exactly why ICW has reached this point.

To be honest, who knows what the hell could happen? At the risk of being seen to delve too far into the risky realm of hyperbole, this writer must ponder that there's a good chance several on the roster won't be prepared to wait to settle their scores at Fear & Loathing, they'll want to fight now.

Limited tickets are still available for ICW's debut in Birmingham, this Sunday, October 19th, at the O2 Academy. Head and for tickets, before - in typical ICW fashion - they're all gone!

Last chance to see a locker room full of crazy bastards attempt to leave their last impression before Fear & Loathing? Sign us up!

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