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Posted On 16-10-2014 13:35 GMT
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Two of the finest technicians in ICW will collide this Sunday at ICW: Ringo’s Despair at the 02 Academy Birmingham, as ‘The Cinderella Man’ Noam Dar takes on ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson on the final night of the Magical Mystery Tour.

Noam has recently been embroiled in a heated Best-Of-5 series with Joe Coffey, while Liam has been dominant alongside Carmel, in a continuing war with Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray, but at ICW: Ringo’s Despair this Sunday, they will square off in a potentially show-stealing contest that will surely leave fans in awe.

A former 2-time ICW Zero-G Champion, Noam Dar has continually been tipped as one of the hottest properties in all of British Wrestling, but for some time in ICW, Noam has felt under-utilised and under-appreciated. Now determined to climb to the top of the ladder and take that main event spot, Noam has been performing at the top of his game, with the score in he and Joe’s Best-of-5 Series currently sitting at 2-2. As he heads to Birmingham, Noam will be looking to pick up one more huge victory by knocking off one of the finest wrestlers in Scotland, in the form of Liam Thomson.

Liam, however, is not the type to go down without a fight. One of the most experienced grapplers in Scotland, Thomson has blazed a trail as both a tag team and singles wrestlers, competing against some of the top international stars in Professional Wrestling. Since breaking away from Kid Fite and leaving Fight Club behind earlier this year, Liam has found a newer, more aggressive attitude and has been competing better than ever before. Now going face-to-face with the ever-popular Noam Dar, Liam could make a huge statement by picking up a victory over the young star, and proving that he deserves to be firmly in the title picture.

Who will prevail in this battle between two of the most skilled grapplers to ever grace the ICW ring? Will Dar succeed, and send a message to Joe Coffey ahead of their 5th and final match, at the expense of the ‘Bad Boy’? Or will Liam stop the momentum of the ‘Cinderella Man’, and prove once again that he is one of the hottest talents in ICW today?

ICW: Ringo’s Despair takes place this Sunday, October 19th at the 02 Academy Birmingham. Tickets on sale now at

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