Magical Mystery Tour - Kid Fite vs. Joe Coffey
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 15-10-2014 17:09 GMT
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Over the past year or so, ICW has seen a remarkably different side to Kid Fite. Previously, Fite was all-business, fittingly enjoying nothing more than a fight or scrap with anybody willing. Taking on all-comers, the man has since split from Liam Thomson – whom he enjoyed a lengthy tenure with as Fight Club – and shown a lighter shade to his personality.

'Fun-loving' and 'jovial' are not words anybody would use to describe Joe Coffey. Known widely as the 'Iron Man' of the promotion, Coffey is not one to put up with any shenanigans. Hard-nosed and no-nonsense till the end, Joe has fought incredibly hard to prove himself as a singles wrestler, breaking away from regularly teaming with his brother, Mark, and his success is evident in his 'Iron Man' moniker.

It's true that there are no meaningless matches in ICW, and the signing of Kid Fite vs. Joe Coffey will be met with intrigue by both fans and peers alike. The dynamics are many, and the possibilities great, for a potential show-stealer here; it's highly plausible that the straight-laced Coffey will bring about a return to his old dangerous ways for Fite. To be blunt, it could be said that the party-mad star can't afford to be anything but on his 'A' game when squaring off with the face-painted warrior.

Indeed, it was perhaps Fite's more juvenile antics, playing to the crowd, which cost him any real chances of beating Rampage Brown at ICW: Lucy In The Sky With Divers in Leeds. It could be argued that Kid Fite needs this win more than Joe Coffey – momentum can be a cruel mistress, but the rewards are great for when it builds – and the veteran may see this as his road back to the top of the ICW cards. Again, no wins are meaningless, certainly not against names the caliber of Coffey.

'Iron Man' vs. a born fighter – who will leave Birmingham with their hand raised in victory, a smile on their face, and upwards mobility?

ICW: Ringo's Despair takes place on Sunday, October 19th at the O2 Academy, Birmingham. Tickets are on sale now at!

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