Liam Thomson vs Kid Fite
By Scott Reid
Posted On 02-05-2014 02:46 GMT
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ICW: A Show in London will be the proving ground for many a competitor. Some will step into ICW for the very first time, some will compete for championship gold, and some will battle for hometown glory. In the case of Liam Thomson and Kid Fite however, there will be no gold on the line. No hometown favour. These men will simply walk into the Islington Academy to settle a score, and protect something they both hold so dear: their pride.

The in-fighting between the former members of Fight Club had been evident for months. While Kid Fite often seemed to enjoy entertaining the ICW fans, Liam Thomson handled himself much more seriously in the ring, destroying opponents at every given opportunity. This clash of personalities may have been the cause of a lengthy losing streak, which saw Fight Club miss out victory time and time again. At the Third Annual Square Go, the solidarity of Fight Club was brought into question heavily, when Liam Thomson eliminated Kid Fite from the Square Go match, in an attempt to become the Number 1 Contender to the ICW Heavyweight Championship. At ICW: The Goggle’s They Do Nothing, Kid Fite looked to return the insult by walking out on Liam mid-match, leaving him to deal with Joe Hendry and Kenny Williams alone. Later in the evening, during an in-ring brawl between Carmel and Kay Lee Ray, LT and Kid Fite intervened to break up the fight but, in the process, almost became embroiled in a battle themselves. Mark Dallas did his best to calm the situation, but many fans were left wondering if Fight Club could continue as they were.
The answer to that question was given at ICW: Still Smokin, when Kid Fite took on Paul London. Fite and London had the crowd in the palm of their hands, competing in an absolutely breath-taking match before a sold-out 02 ABC. Late in the match however, Liam Thomson, alongside Carmel, appeared from nowhere, and nailed Kid Fite with a Backcracker, before delivering the same move to London, dragging his prone body onto Fite, and costing his partner the match.

With Fight Club now officially split, and the battle lines drawn, this will be an extremely intense, physical match. Liam Thomson is out to prove once and for all that he doesn’t need Kid Fite, and he will destroy his former partner to make his point clear. Kid Fite, on the other hand, is simply out redemption. While he may be known to raise a few smiles, and drop a few teabags, Kid Fite is one of the toughest, most dangerous men in all of ICW, and betraying man like Fite is never a good idea.

At ICW: A Show in London, we will witness the final nail in the coffin of one of ICW’s most prominent tag-teams, and no matter who walks out with their hand raised, this match will surely tear the roof off of the Islington Academy.

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