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By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 02-05-2014 02:54 GMT
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Unique Dynamics In Women's Showdown

No shilling necessary, the interview with Carmel in the upcoming issue of Enter The ICW – ICW's official magazine – is one of the most well-spoken, yet almost frightening interviews in company history. It's been said that some of the most powerful figures in world folklore have been freakishly brilliant on a mental level, but willing to stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Upon reading her words, and studying her actions over her tenure in ICW, it's obvious that Carmel fits into the 'brilliant but callous' bracket; the glee with which she has enacted incredible punishment during several brutal battles with Kay Lee Ray, her regular rival, is as striking as her looks. Make no bones about it, Carmel believes she is the true queen of female wrestling in Insane Championship Wrestling, and across the UK, and she can't wait to prove it at 'A Show In London'.

Facing her oldest foe, Kay Lee, is something Carmel has done many times before, these women know one another better than most sisters do. Add the live wire that is Erin Angel into the mix, and the women's match this Sunday could evolve into something we as fans could never have expected.

Think of the possibilities; Kay Lee Ray could write a new chapter into her own quest, making waves along the way and seeing off the imposing challenge of her hated rival and a largely unknown commodity. On the other hand, Carmel could finally end her own personal campaign for justice, doing so by eliminating her biggest enemy on the planet. Recently aligning with real life lover, Liam Thomson, in his own vendetta against Kid Fite, Carmel's eye may be drawn by the affairs of that showdown, which could leave things open for something highly unforeseen.

If Erin Angel can grasp the win here, heads will be turned in British wrestling. This is ICW's first proper show on English soil, and wouldn't it be something if the only English woman in the match could steal the headlines away from her battling opponents. It's something few predict, but ICW is a land festooned with surprises.

Kay Lee Ray, Carmel or Erin Angel, fans will have a feast of action to enjoy whomever wins, but will it be blonde, brunette or red head?

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