Grado Vs. Sha Samuels
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 02-05-2014 02:49 GMT
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Known as the 'East End Hard Man' to many, Sha Samuels will be on home soil for his match with ICW' resident funny man and star of the BBC documentary 'Insane Fight Club', Grado. That in mind, the spirit of Insane Championship Wrestling will bleed across the border, rendering any so-called 'home advantage' almost meaningless.
Grado is one star who is well-travelled, having competed in England on numerous occasions, and it's unlikely that the man from the 'tap end of Stevenston' will be rattled by his surroundings. In addition, despite Samuels having a hard-man reputation, and a cold-as-ice demeanour, the master of the 'Wee Boot' has recently been feuding with one of the most sadistic names in all of UK wrestling, Mikey Whiplash.

The above is not to say that Grado starts this one with any clear advantage – Samuels himself has bags of experience, and possesses a ruthless streak wrestling fans have yet to see from his opponent in London. The natural bark of Samuels is renowned around the country, and Grado will have to rely on more than just his swelling fanbase to come out on top in this one.

More often than not in ICW, fans (as well as us here at know what to expect when two or more stars step between the ropes. Normally, there's history, something to give indication of what may happen. Here, unpredictability is king, and may prove to be key. Despite always giving fans bags of entertainment, Grado is still a threat inside the ring, and this may be the ideal opportunity to prove he's itching to get back into the hunt for ICW gold.

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