Wolfgang, The Bucky Boys & Jimmy Havoc vs The New Age Kliq
By Scott Reid
Posted On 23-04-2014 13:26 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Chris Renfrew , Davey Blaze , Dickie Divers , Jimmy Havoc , Stevie Boy , Wolfgang

Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn and Dickie Divers have been using their numbers to their advantage for months now. Like a pack of wild dogs, they have over-powered almost everyone they have set their sights on. No-one, from the ICW Heavyweight Champion to the Fierce Females has been safe from the wrath of the NAK. This Sunday however, they will be played at their own game, as the numbers are, for the first time, not in their favour.

The Bucky Boys and Wolfgang have recently been the frontline soldiers in the battle against the NAK. Be it title matches, Ladder matches or Edinburgh Street Fights, Wolfgang and the Buckys have refused to bow down to the merciless assault of the New Age Kliq, but this Sunday, they have a new soldier in their ranks, as Jimmy Havoc makes his ICW return to do battle against Renfrew, Divers and Gunn. While he may have been gone for ICW for a few months, Jimmy Havoc will not have forgotten what happened the last time he entered a ring with the New Age Kliq (The contest was so violent, ICW has refused to air the footage!), and will have to be on top form if he hopes to takes them head-on. The inclusion of Havoc does give Team ICW a 4-on-3 advantage for the first time, but will it be enough to stop the New Age Kliq?

Divers, Gunn and Renfrew have developed into an almost unstoppable unit of violence, and while the numbers game is against them this time, it’s still a game that the NAK plays better than almost anyone. Wolfgang, Jimmy Havoc & The Bucky Boys may work well together, but will their lack of experience as a team be a disadvantage that the New Age Kliq can use to pick up the victory?

With so many combustible elements in the ring at one time, this match will surely be explosive!

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