James Scott Vs. Joe Coffey
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 25-04-2014 13:25 GMT
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Respect is not something that's handed to you, it's something you earn. Both James Scott and Joe Coffey had built a level of respect after some classic matches over the past few months, including a 30-minute Iron Man match that was gridlocked after the half hour had elapsed. Extra time was required, with the opportunistic Coffey managing to get in his spinning lariat and get the victory.

At 'The Goggles They Do Nothing!', Scott thought he had became a three-time ICW Heavyweight Champion when he pinned Joe Coffey in a three way dance, also including the champion, Jack Jester. James, lost in the moment of getting the fall over the "Iron Man" Joe Coffey, forgot it was elimination rules and the match would continue, suddenly falling victim to a Tombstone Piledriver from Jester for the win.

Coffey had a huge opportunity to make an even bigger name for himself when he faced international star Brian Kendrick at 'Still Smokin' in March. His rival, James Scott would lend his guest commentary for the match, not being scheduled to wrestle that evening. James seemed remarkably humble and respectful, having no factor on the outcome of the match; Joe was thus able to concentrate fully and score a massive win over Kendrick.

Entering the ring post-match to congratulate Joe on his win, Scott shockingly then delivered a cheap shot, choking Coffey out. James later declared his anger and frustration of being excluded from the biggest ever ICW show to date in a post-match interview later on that night.

As for Joe Coffey, what respect he had for James Scott was now gone. Joe had earned his right to face Kendrick at 'Still Smokin', and James could not let Joe have his moment. Bitter and jealous, it was not him that was facing the international star, and the ego of Scott simply couldn't handle that fact.

Both men are desperate to prove who truly is the better man, and ICW management have decided they will allow these warriors to step in the ring one more time, hoping they can settle the score once and for all.

After Scott's recent attacks however, the dynamics have changed, and this one isn't just about respect anymore, it is also about getting retribution for stealing a moment of celebration from the brazen Coffey. This has went beyond respect to something more personal, and can now be considered a true blood feud.

For two men who have managed to show their grappling skills during their previous encounters, will this latest in their series of matches turn into a full-blown fight?

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