Jack Jester vs Red Lightning
By Scott Reid
Posted On 23-04-2014 14:11 GMT
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Jack Jester has faced the absolute best that ICW has to offer during his reign as ICW World Heavyweight Champion, and every match has been a challenge in its own right. Whether he has faced former allies, blood rivals or multiple opponents at one time, Jester has managed to leave each match with the gold firmly around his waist. At ICW: Show Me Your Lizard however, Jack Jester will put his title on the line in one of the most personal matches he has ever had.

Since Jack Jester became ICW World Heavyweight Champion, there has been a tension built between him and Red Lightning. After returning to ICW at the end of 2013, Red Lightning appeared to be doing his best to right some of the wrongs that he committed in ICW in the past, and high on his list was to repair his fractured friendship with Jack Jester. In trying to repair that friendship however, there appears to have simply been more damage done.

Red Lightning has made no secret about wanting to be ICW Heavyweight Champion again, but he claims to also be concerned for the welfare of Jack Jester, who is known to put his own body on the line in his matches to achieve victory. While Red’s concern seemed legitimate, his constant lecturing was not what Jester wanted to hear, with the ICW Heavyweight Champion begging his friend to stop getting on at him.

True colours were shown however at the press screening of Insane Fight Club in Box on Sauchiehall Street, when a drunk Red Lightning unleashed a verbal tirade on Jester about his lack of involvement in the documentary. Jester tried his best to calm Red down, but he seemed to be fighting a losing battle. As Jester looked to let sleeping dogs lie, and walk away though, Red Lightning blind-sided him with an ice bucket to the back of the head, prompting security to eject him from the venue.

With the battle lines drawn, this match was originally supposed to take place at ICW: Still Smokin’, but a dislocated shoulder kept Red Lightning from competing at the event. Now 100%, Red has stated his intentions to take on Jack Jester at ICW: Show Me Your Lizard this Sunday, with the ICW Heavyweight Championship up for grabs. Jester has had plenty of tough matches in ICW, but can he battle through the emotional distress of having one of his best friends standing across from him in the ring, and leave with the ICW Heavyweight Championship? Or will Red Lightning succeed in climbing to the top of the ICW mountain once again, by knocking off Jack Jester? As far as title matches go, rarely does it get more personal than this!

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