Liam Thomson: Ruthless Aggression
By Scott Reid
Posted On 11-05-2015 18:19 GMT
Tags: Liam Thomson

‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson has undoubtedly been making an effort to live up to his moniker as of late, with the Edinburgh-born grappler engaging in a serious of ruthless attacks which have left a number of ICW personnel beaten and bruised.

At ICW: Barramania, Thomson committed the ultimate betrayal, after he attacked his then-fiancée Carmel during her farewell send-off from ICW. Wrapping a chair around her back and spitting his engagement band in her face, Liam’s actions transcended that of the wrestling ring, leaving everyone, ICW fans and staff alike, disgusted. Since that night however, Liam has refused to explain his actions, instead claiming that he owes no-one an explanation.

At ICW: Paperboy in Birmingham, Liam was confronted by the returning Kay Lee Ray, who expressed her disgust for his assault on Carmel, and would ultimately challenge the Bad Boy to a match. While Kay Lee can more than handle herself against the toughest competitors in ICW, it was after the match that she truly felt the sting of Liam Thomson wrath. After defeating Kay Lee, Liam brutalised her with a chair, showing little remorse for his weakened opponent as he bludgeoned her, leaving her laying in the ring.

While these two assaults were horrific, despicable acts that can in, in no way, be justified,  they were carried out on ICW wrestlers, whose careers are built on dealing with the punishment that can ensue in the ICW ring. At ICW: Flawless Victory though, Liam reached an all-time low as he took to attacking not an ICW performer, but our resident ring announcer, Simon Cassidy.

Beloved by the fans for his ‘big fight’ ring announcing style, the man who heralds ‘One Fall!’ is always professional in his work, remaining forever neutral, even when announcing the most personal matches. At Flawless Victory, Liam Thomson appeared unannounced and confronted Simon, claiming that he felt Cassidy had a problem with him over his actions as of late. Simon tired his best to talk the Bad Boy down, stating that he was simply here to do his job, but Liam snapped once again, knocking Simon down and beating him mercilessly before security were forced to escort Liam from the building. At last word, Simon is recovering from his injuries well, and will be back to his role as ICW’s MC sooner rather than later.

For his actions, ICW management have made the decision to dock Liam Thomson’s pay, deeming his actions ‘reckless and unprofessional’, but even with this decision, we are still no closer to understanding Liam's motives. It remains to be seen when Liam will explain his recent actions, if he ever explains them at all, but for now, we can only hope that no-one else feels the effects of Liam Thomson’s unpredictable rage.

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