Lewis Girvan : Playing With Fire?
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-03-2015 14:42 GMT
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Scotland is currently a hot-spot for young, fresh talent in Professional wrestling, with many up-and-coming names making their way from the country's top class training schools, and going on to compete all over the world. Looking to give these young stars a platform, Insane Championship Wrestling recently created the Spacebaws brand, providing an opportunity for new, talented wrestlers to make an impression on the ICW fans, and hopefully get their call to the main roster.

The entire Spacebaws roster is absolutely brimming with talent, but there is one name who seems to have a bigger chip on his shoulder than most. That name is Lewis Girvan.

Looked at by so many as the future of Scottish wrestling, Lewis is a talent with experience far beyond his years. Starting his training at a very young age, Lewis has acheived so much already in his career, having competed against some of the top international names in wrestling, such as Ultimo Dragon, Chuck Taylor and John Gresham, and making a name for himself as a 'one-to-watch' in British wrestling. With all of that under his belt however, Lewis has, for some time, been unable to make the desired impact in Insane Championship Wrestling, appearing sporadically for the company for a number of years. In recent months however, it appears that frustration has lit a fire under Lewis like never before, forcing him to take matters into his own hands, and carve out his own path in ICW.

While Lewis often tried to make his name in ICW, few opportunities came around that allowed the young star to make a lot of noise, and grab people's attention, outisde of the wrestling. That was, until Drew Galloway made his return to ICW. With fans often drawing comparisons between Galloway and Girvan, Lewis saw the return of the Chosen One as the perfect chance to go after the big dog in the yard. Calling out Drew for months, and even going so far as to imitate him, Lewis made it his mission to prove he could hang with the best of them in ICW. That mission shcokingly came to it's end at Spacebaws in December, when Galloway accepted Girvans challenge, appearing unannounced and giving the young man a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship. While Lewis came up short that night, he gave everything he had, and in the end, earned Galloway's respect.

That same night, Lewis maliciously attacked ICW Zero-G Champion, Kenny Williams, making his intentions clear that he desires the gold from around 'The Bollocks' waist. While Lewis has been very vocal online, Kenny has yet to answer the challenge of Girvan, but it may only be a matter of time before yet another champion answers the call of this confident young star.

Fried up by bravado and confidence, Lewis is performing like never before in ICW, but is that confidence leading him to play a very dangerous game, with one of ICW's most violent competitors? 
At the Fourth Annual Square Go, Mikey Whiplash looked to be in control of the 30 man over-the-top-rope battle, before he found himself distracted by an cryptic video message which played throughout the 02 ABC. With someone seemingly targeting Whiplash, the former ICW Heavyweight and Zero-G Champion took his eyes off the prize long enough for Lewis Girvan to throw the painted madman, who is also one of his teachers, over the top rope, eliminating him from the match. These videos have continued for weeks now, with Mikey becoming more and more enraged at the prospect of someone gunning for him. While no-one can truly be sure who is behind these videos, many fingers seem to be pointing to Lewis Girvan!

Becoming very adept at playing mind gamesd with people in recent months, it does'nt seem all that unlikely that Lewis would try to play Mikey Whiplash at his own game. With Girvan now set to go one-on-one with Whiplash at Barramania, was this all a ploy by the young man to get inside his mentors head, and leave him an easy target? After eliminating Mikey from the Square Go, Lewis would have been a fool to think that Whiplash would forget that moment. Perhaps that is eactly what Lewis wanted; another showdown with a top ICW star, on one of the company's biggest stages. And as for the videos that have been tormenting Whiplash, what better way for Girvan to throw his opponent off his guard than by getting inside his head like no-one else ever has? If he were able to play Mikey against himself, he could very well pick up the victory over his teacher at Barramania, and cement himself a force to be reckoned with in ICW.

While this is merely speculation amongst the ICW roster and staff, the evidence does appear to be pointing in Girvan's direction. Should this turn out to truly be a game of human chess concocted by Girvan, the young star had better tread carefully, because if there is one man who you do not want on your trail, its the demented Mikey Whiplash!

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