Kenny Williams Has Treated Me Like A Fool
By James R Kennedy
Posted On 12-07-2014 18:32 GMT
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Mouthpiece Of The Kennedy Administration Weighs In On Sunday's Zero-G Title Match

So, let me get this straight, not only were those cretins over at the ICW magazine – Enter The ICW – desperate to have my words in the latest issue, but ICW management have asked for my comments on the upcoming Zero-G Title match between champion, Mark Coffey and my client, Kenny Williams at 'What's Your Boggle?'.

I'm not an idiot, I have a brain in my head – the only reason I've been given this platform to speak is to fan the flames of frustration. In other words, ICW are looking to rub my nose in it. The fact one of my clients in The Kennedy Administration (MY creation) has signed for a championship match without my consent makes me sick.

Having seen the video ICW put up on their official YouTube channel recently, in which Kenny has some disgraceful comments regarding my authority, I have no choice but to discipline him. Again, I'm not a moron, I know full well that the boy doesn't like being under my command. He feels like he's outgrown me, but the traitor is too blind to see that this title shot is due to my guidance over the past 2 years. Spotting this young kid in the gym, I knew he had something I could work with, and that's why I brought him into ICW in 2013. Kenny Williams has treated me like a fool with these latest comments.

'Disillusioned' would be one word, 'angry' would be another, but I feel a strange sense of pity for him. Repeatedly, James R. Kennedy has tried to reason with him, show Kenny the light, but he continually throws it right back into my face, pandering to the desires of the ICW fans.

The adulation they give you will dry up unless you butcher your body in bloody brawls, Kenny. Meanwhile, James R. Kennedy, your father figure and mentor, will always be here for you, waiting for you to bask in the spotlight of greatness only I can help deliver. I own your contract, not ICW. If you won't answer my calls, texts or emails, perhaps you'll read this and realise then that if you do win the Zero-G Title, it belongs to The Kennedy Administration.

- James R. Kennedy

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