Kennedys New Empire
By Scott Reid
Posted On 10-02-2015 15:29 GMT
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James R. Kennedy has long been a thorn in the side of Insane Championship Wrestling, having spent the majority of his time trying to change the direction of the company, and facilitate his own agenda in ICW. Despite his own complete self-belief in his ‘vision’ however, Kennedy has never quite been able to assert his dominance over ICW as he would like to, with his former clients Kenny Williams and Joe Hendry eventually breaking away from their tyrannical manager and carving their own paths.

With the Kennedy Administration seemingly dead, many wondered if Kennedy would finally walk away from ICW and accept defeat. At the Fourth Annual Square Go however, the ICW fans were left in disbelief when the deranged manager emerged, seemingly more determined than ever, with a newly assembled firm of some of the heaviest hitters in British Wrestling today. Targeting Grado, mercilessly beating the fan favourite and eliminating him from the Square Go match, this new unit looked terrifyingly dominant, and put everyone on notice; There are new big dogs in this yard!

The last remnants of the Kennedy Administration are all but wiped out, but the one factor that remains is one of the most physically imposing figures in all of ICW, ‘The Consequence’ Timm Wylie. While he has only competed sporadically in ICW, Timm has shown himself to be a very dangerous entity in the ring, bulldozing through opponents with almost inhuman strength and ferocity. Recently showing an even nastier side to his personality than before, Timm is a monster who has the potential to be a major game-changer in almost any situation.

But why only have one wrecking ball, when you can have two? Sha Samuels has been on an almost unstoppable path of destruction since he arrived in ICW, showing a blatant disregard for his opponent’s well-being and destroying anyone who gets in is way. He may now be aligned with a team, but even on his own, ‘The East-End Butcher’ is one of the most dangerous men to ever compete in ICW. Now with the backing James R. Kennedy, Sha may just find the opportunity to dominate ICW like he has wanted from the start, and he may even finally succeed in taking out Grado for good.

Martin Kirby is all but a relative newcomer to the land of Insane, but what an impact he has made in such a short period of time. Having only competed once previously in ICW, Kirby arrived as a surprise entrant in the Fourth Annual Square Go, much to the delight of fans. A name known throughout British wresting, Kirby is a man who can turn his hand to almost any style in the ring, be it technical grappling, or violent brawling. The joy of the ICW crowd soon turned to disbelief however, as Kirby shocked everyone in attendance by siding with Kennedy and his wrecking crew. Talented, dangerous, and driven to make a real name for himself in ICW, Kirby is an extremely valuable asset in any situation.

And last, but certainly by no means least, is the most unlikely member of this new firm, Kid Fite. An ICW original, Kid Fite is one of the most respected and well-travelled competitors in British wrestling, finding great success throughout his career as both a singles and tag team wrestler. Once a part of Team ICW during the Gold Label war, Fite has flown the flag for ICW for years, but it appears his allegiance has drastically changed, as he back-stabbed Grado at the Fourth Annual Square Go, cementing his partnership with James R. Kennedy. As tough as they come, and with a desire to get to the top, Kid Fite is a major acquisition for Kennedy’s band of bruisers.

James R. Kennedy has so far remained relatively tight-lipped about the motivations of this new unit, promising that their intentions will soon become clear to everyone. One thing that appears clear as day however, is that this is a very different James R. Kennedy. Replacing ‘Sports Entertainers’ with the biggest, baddest thugs he could find, the ‘Sports Agent to the Stars’ is dead. This is now a man who simply desires the power that he feels he so rightly deserves. One thing is for certain; in the wake of this allegiance, the landscape of Insane Championship Wrestling just changed forever!

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