The Kennedy Administrations Imminent Implosion
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 17-11-2014 20:31 GMT
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The story behind Kenny Williams defence of the ICW Zero-G Title against Joe Hendry at ICW: Fear & Lothian II has been quite the saga. Once upon a time, both men were members of The Kennedy Administration, but the mouthpiece of that group, James R. Kennedy could not hide his preference for the 'Global Hero', thus prompting 'The Bollocks' to seek his escape from his ironclad contract.

Eventually, Williams would secure his freedom; Kennedy was so focused on Hendry, that he let his concentration lapse, and with it the contract of Kenny. Following his dramatic win over Mark Coffey at ICW Spacebaws: Episode IV in September, Williams announced that he was now free from Kennedy's clutches, and had signed a contract with ICW proper.

From that moment on, the only goal of the Administration has been taking the Zero-G belt from his grasp, something James R. Kennedy seemed certain would happen at Fear & Lothian II. It wasn't to be – after a gripping contest, this epic power struggle again favoured the champion, who pinned Hendry, retaining his title.

Perhaps in a moment of utter madness, and desperation, Kennedy would try to play to the natural fighting spirit of Kenny Williams, calling him a great champion, and encouraging him to give Joe Hendry one more shot at ICW Spacebaws: Episode V on December 21st. Feeling he had the upper hand, the vile agent reasoned that if Williams could beat Hendry at Spacebaws, his most-favoured client would never get another crack at Kenny Williams, so long as he was champ.

Naturally, Kenny turned this down, leading to another proposal. If Williams beat Hendry at Spacebaws, the latter would never get another shot at the Zero-G Title, period. Again, the titleholder turned his nose up at this suggestion, and this is where James R. Kennedy showed how truly demented and selfish he has become.

Fans stood in disbelief as Kennedy fed Joe Hendry to the wolves for his own self-centred greed, offering the stipulation that if Hendry fails to beat Kenny Williams for the ICW Zero-G Title at Spacebaws in December, he would be forced to leave ICW permanently. Immediately, the 'Global Hero', a man who has done everything his 'vocal representative' has asked of him, saw red, rag-dolling Kennedy around and wondering just what in the hell he was thinking.

Throughout, James R. Kennedy tried to reassure Hendry, saying that he had to put his full trust in what is surely a completely reckless move. For Kenny Williams, loving every minute of what he was seeing, he agreed, confirming that Joe Hendry's ICW status is now on the line at Spacebaws.

As if the prospect of another cracker of a match between the pair wasn't enough, this stipulation adds so much more fuel to the fire. In his pursuit of Kenny Williams, has James R. Kennedy bitten off way more than he can chew, and put the immediate future of Joe Hendry, the man he once deemed the 'apple of his eye' into unbelievable jeopardy?

ICW: Spacebaws Episode V – Bill Murray Strikes back takes place at The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday, December 21st, 2014. Tickets are now on sale at and Is The Kennedy Administration now a ticking time bomb? Or could this be a cunning masterplan from Joe Hendry and Kennedy? From the evidence of Hendry's reaction to the news of this latest stipulation, a smart man would put his money on a bomb about to blow!

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