Johnny Moss vs. Mikey Whiplash
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 01-05-2016 21:09 GMT
Tags: Johnny Moss , Mikey Whiplash

Sometimes, professional wrestling just throws together a match that instantly grabs attention. It's already happened so many times throughout ICW history, those bouts that stand out as can't miss prospects. Fans know they're going to see something truly special, it's just a given. In the case of Johnny Moss vs. Mikey Whiplash, all of those statements ring true infinitely.

This piece could end right there, because Moss vs. Whiplash is a wrestling match that should speak for itself. These words could stop short, but they won't, because there's so much more to analyse. For example, just what importance will this collision have on each man's respective career? Will the winner be in line for a future crack at championship gold? Is this ICW's own version of the strong survive?

As intimidating a character as he is, Whiplash is – hands down – one of the finest grapplers in ICW history. By contrast, Moss favours a power game, although he's not exactly lacking in the technical mastery of wrestling himself. The question is, will Mikey Whiplash look to ground the musclebound Moss and pick him apart, or will he go toe-to-toe and fist-to-fist with someone who has repeatedly shown he's one hell of a brawler?

So many questions, all of them enticing. If Whiplash vs. Moss reveals itself to be a game of respect, fans will be in for a treat come May 8th. If the contest turns out to be a wall-to-wall brawl, eyes will be turned by the sheer ferocity this pair can surely come up with. Moss and Whiplash know one another very well, both are seasoned veterans, but that doesn't mean each man won't be seeking the opportunity to surprise the other. In the process, they may just steal the show.

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