Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy vs Liam Thomson and Carmel
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-05-2014 19:55 GMT
Tags: Carmel , Kay Lee Ray , Liam Thomson , Stevie Boy

ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge will be the site of many an intense contest, but few matches are as personal as the clash of the couples between Stevie Boy & Kay Lee and Liam Thomson and Carmel.

Since departing from Fight Club, Liam Thomson has had Carmel firmly by his side at all times, with the tandem making quite the effective team, as Carmel was able to help Liam pick up the win against his former Fight Club cohort, Kid Fite. Both ruthless, and both willing to do whatever it takes to get the win, Liam and Carmel are a very dangerous unit, and take no prisoners in the ring. Last week at ICW: Up and Atom, Liam and Carmel's mean streak may have caused them to make a very grave mistake, as they attacked Kay Lee Ray, dropping her with a hanging DDT and a Backcracker. It was then that Stevie Boy made the save for Kay Lee, sending Liam and Carmel fleeing from the ring.

It is little known knowledge that Stevie and Kay Lee are a couple outside of the ring, and while Kay Lee has proven she can handle herself against the men of ICW, Liam putting his hands on her was the final straw for Stevie, who already has a bitter feud with Liam stemming from his Fight Club days. Liam and Carmel are two supremely talented competitors, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew by taking on two of the most exciting talents in all of ICW. While they have never teamed before in Insane Championship Wrestling, Stevie and Kay Lee could not be more alike in the ring, and will no doubt make a phenomenal team to watch.

So will Liam and Carmel defeat their long-standing rivals in Newcastle? Or will Stevie and Kay Lee silence their two cocky opponents and gain some retribution?

ICW Jimmy Nail's Revenge takes on Sunday June 1st at the Riverside Nightclub in Newcastle. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.co.uk

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