Darkside vs Noam Dar
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-05-2014 19:37 GMT
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Last Sunday at ICW: Up and Atom in Edinburgh, former 2-time Zero-G Champion Noam Dar was looking for an opportunity. Tired of not being where he wants to be in ICW, Noam took to the mic and asked Mark Dallas for a chance to prove himself as a main event player in Insane Championship Wrestling. Dallas admitted that he see's Dar as the future of British professional wrestling, but before the young man can get that main event spot, he will have to have to work for it, to prove he belongs there. Now, determined and ready to get to where he wants to be, Noam is looking ahead at the challenges in front of him, and the first challenge he faces is the former 2-time ICW Heavyweight Champion, Darkside.

Darkside has gone through a rather extreme attitude change in the last few months after joining the ranks of the New Age Kliq, and with that new attitude comes a new level of ruthless aggression. Already a supremely skilled grappler and martial artist, Darkside has let his inhibitions go completely, and is more vicious and violent than we've ever seen before. Noam Dar has faced James Scott before, but that man is now dead and gone. It will take every skill Noam possesses if he hopes to walk away from a contest with Darkside in one piece.

Dar is not a man to be taken lightly himself though. While still a young man, Dar possesses years of experience, and is a naturally gifted wrestler who can adapt to face almost any opponent. It is for this reason that Noam managed to twice capture one of the most hotly contested titles in all of British wrestling, the ICW Zero-G Championship. Darkside is without a doubt a one-man wrecking crew, but in order to hurt Noam, he will need to catch him first, and there few men faster in the ring than Noam Dar.

This will no doubt be an extremely fast-paced contest, and one definitely not to be missed. Can Noam Dar defeat both Darkside, and the ever-looming threat of the NAK, to get the momentum going that can catapult him into ICW's main event? Or will Darkside choke out another victim, and claim another victory in the name of the New Age Kliq?

ICW Jimmy Nail's Revenge takes on Sunday June 1st at the Riverside Nightclub in Newcastle. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.co.uk

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