Big Damo vs Joe Coffey
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-05-2014 19:34 GMT
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At ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge, two of the strongest men in all of ICW will clash in a battle of the giants, as the 'Iron Man' Joe Coffey takes on 'The Beast of Belfast' Big Damo. Unfortunately for Damo, he will not only have to contend with the might of the Iron Man, but he will also no doubt be at odds with the bouts special referee, Joe Hendry.

Since they first crossed paths in November 2013, Damo and Joe Hendry have been at each others throats, with the 'Local Hero' feeling Damo's wrath on many an occasion. In London however, Hendry managed to gain a little revenge of his own by luring Damo into a trap, pitting him against Darkside and the NAK. With their differences nowhere near settled, Joe Hendry officiating this contest could be a factor which affects Damo greatly, but that in no-way puts 'the Beast of Belfast' at a substantial disadvantage. 20 stone of pure brute strength, Damo is a destroyer who can bulldoze through almost anyone put in front of him, while also possessing the talents of a highly skilled grappler. Dangerous as they come and intense as anyone in the ICW ring, Damo is a truly frightening opponent.

That being said, his opponent at ICW: Jimmy Nail's Revenge is no slouch himself. Joe Coffey, the current Iron Man of ICW, is one of the fastest rising stars in Scotland, and for good reason. One of the most dedicated grapplers in the country, Joe works tirelessly to be the best that he can be in the ring, and has even taken to travelling to Japan to hone his skills in the wrestling ring. A finely tuned fighting machine with double the strength of most men, Joe can stand toe-to-toe with the best of of them, and on June 1st, he will find a huge challenge in Damo, but Joe Coffey backs down from no man, and will do everything in his power to vanquish the Beast of Belfast.

ICW Jimmy Nail's Revenge takes on Sunday June 1st at the Riverside Nightclub in Newcastle. Tickets are on sale now at

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