BT Gunn vs Wolfgang
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-05-2014 16:13 GMT
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The feud that has developed between Wolfgang and BT Gunn in the last few months has slowly spiralled out of control, and finally, at ICW: Jimmy Nails Revenge, we will see these two ICW veterans square off one-on-one.

Cousins and once-inseparable friends outside the ring, Wolfgang and BT Gunn grew up together in wrestling, learning their craft together and watching each other grow into two of the best professional wrestlers that this country has to offer. Things turned sour however in late 2013, when the war between ICW and the New Age Kliq had begun to gain momentum. Sick of the NAKs attacks on his friends, Wolfgang stepped up to confront the soldiers of chaos, but during that initial confrontation, BT Gunn made a very personal attack on Wolfgang.

Post-match, BT cut Wolfgang's hair in an attempt to humiliate the 'Laird of La Cala'. While BT and Wolfgang may have had their differences in the ring before, Wolfgang took this attack very personally, with his long hair being a tribute to a lost loved-one, something BT knew all too well.

With no apology and no signs of regret from BT Gunn, Wolfgang swore to make his cousin pay for the show of disrespect. Since then, neither man has been able to step foot in ICW without the other making his presence felt. BT Gunn has been thrown over 20 feet from a balcony, Wolfgang has been hung from the ring ropes, and now, they finally get their hands on one and other in the ultimate grudge match.

Can Wolfgang finally make BT Gunn pay for the months of torment and mind-games? Or will BT Gunn succeed in humiliating his cousin once again in front of a packed crowd in Newcastle? And of course, what part, if any, will the NAK have to play in the outcome of this match?

ICW Jimmy Nail's Revenge takes on Sunday June 1st at the Riverside Nightclub in Newcastle. Tickets are on sale now at

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