Polo Promotions Vs. Grado & Mossy
By Scott Reid
Posted On 09-05-2014 19:20 GMT
Tags: Grado , Jackie Polo , Johnny Moss , Mark Coffey

Jackie Polo is not known for being shy on the microphone, but even by his standards, he has been extremely vocal as of late, and with good reason. Recently signing Mark Coffey to Polo Promotions, Jackie has been representing Coffey during one of his most impressive runs to date, where he became a 2 time Zero-G Champion by defeating Fergal Devitt and Noam Dar. At ICW: Jimmy Nails Revenge on June 1st in Newcastle though, Polo may find himself silenced by two men who have plenty of history with ‘Scotland’s Best Wrestler’, as he teams with Mark Coffey for the first time ever in ICW to take on Grado and the returning ‘Vigilante’ Johnny Moss.

Johnny Moss hasn’t been seen in ICW in some time, but upon his last appearance in the company, he found himself taking on Jackie Polo one-on-one. ‘The Vigilante’ brutalised Polo that evening, but was on the losing end of the contest after Jackie delivered a low blow to the English powerhouse with his signature polo club. Mossy may be one of the most respected wrestlers in all of the UK, so this act of complete disrespect will not have been easily forgotten by the gargantuan competitor. As for Grado, during last month’s ICW: A Show In London, Polo came out to interrupt the man from the ‘Tap End of Stevenston’, claiming that he “made Grado”, before attacking the Grado with the help of Sha Samuels. While Grado and Johnny Moss may be an extremely unlikely team, their unfinished business with Jackie Polo may draw them together to be the unit that ICW needs to squash Polo Promotions.

That being said, Jackie Polo is no slouch in the ring, and he will be teaming with the current Zero-G Champion. As mentioned before, Mark Coffey has been on the run of his career as of late, winning the coveted gold for a second time while performing like never before in the ring, appearing faster, stronger and more focused than ever in his pursuit to be recognised as the ‘Real ICW Champion’. Love them or loathe them, there is no denying the talent that exists within Polo Promotions, and that talent may be all that is needed to knock off two of the most popular stars in all of ICW.

ICW: Jimmy Nails Revenge takes place at the Riverside Nightclub in Newcastle on June 1st. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.

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