Jack Jester VS Joe Hendry
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-04-2015 23:28 GMT
Tags: Jack Jester , Joe Hendry

With the unique and eclectic personalities that make up the Insane Championship Wrestling roster, occasionally two very different entities will collide in the ICW ring, and the results will be gold. This Sunday at ICW: Flawless Victory, we will see two completely different individuals go toe-to-toe for the first time ever, in what could prove to be a very interesting match indeed. This Sunday, ICW's 'Hardcore Icon' Jack Jester goes one-on-one with the 'Global Hero' Joe Hendry!

Rarely have two individuals in ICW been so different, but what makes them so different, is what could make this contest one of the most exciting to watch this Sunday. Jack Jester is a man who has built a legacy on blood, violence and chaos in ICW. Pouring his heart and soul into the company, the former ICW Heavyweight Champion has long been a staple of the Insane Championship Wrestling, drawing a legion of fans to his side due to his hardcore style, and his never-say-die attitude. That being said, his recent return to ICW has seen him almost become an even darker version of what he once was. Seeming more focused on getting to the top of the ladder than we have ever seen him, Jester has been more barbaric in his approach since returning to the ring, leaving many wondering what is going through the Hardcore Icon's mind. Is he still a man of the people, ready to entertain the fans as only he can, or is he now more focused on his personal goals than the enjoyment of others? Only time will tell, but for now, anyone who steps into the ring with Jester had better be ready to bring their A-game.

One man who has certainly been bringing his A-game lately though is Joe Hendry. The self-proclaimed 'Global Hero' has been on fire since returning to ICW at the Fourth Annual Square Go, looking very impressive in singles competition, as well as in tag team action alongside Kenny Williams as part of 'Global Bollocks', and has recently earned himself the #1 contendership to theICW Zero-G Championship. Before he can compete for that title though, Joe faces a fresh, new challenge in Jack Jester, a man he has never faced before. While Jester is certainly a tough competitor, even he may not be able to deal with Hendry'sterrifying strength, and finely tuned grappling skills, and while we may not have seen that side of him before, could Joe Hendry go a little hardcore if the situation calls for it? If history has shown anything, it's that the 'Global Hero' can turn his hand to anything inside the squared circle.

It's the Hardcore Icon versus the young up-and-comer, but how will this match go? Will Jester fight the battle his way, putting Hendry through a world of pain with his extreme offense? Or will Hendry use his unique set of skills to take down a former ICWWorld Heavyweight Champion?

ICW: Flawless Victory takes place this Sunday, May 3rd, at the Garage in Glasgow, and is completely SOLD OUT! However, you will be able to watch this event a short time after on ICW On Demand! To subscribe to ICW On Demand for $5.99/£3.75 a month, head over to www.insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand

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