Jack Jester Returns!
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-04-2015 00:34 GMT
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Jack Jester has long been a name synonomous with Insane Championship Wrestling. Having bled, and broken his body, for years in the name of ICW, Jester became one of the most beloved and respected stars in the the companies history, forever flying the flag for ICW, and doing everything in his power to help the company grow. Eventually, his journey in ICW would lead him to the ICW Heavyweight championship, which he would go on to hold for over a year, defendeing it against the likes of Fergal Devitt, Kid Fite and Chris Renfrew. However, all good things must come to and end, and at ICW: Fear & Loathing VII, Jester's reign would come to an emotional halt, when he fell at the hands of his long-time friend, Drew Galloway. Defeated, Jester left the legendary Barrowlands ballroom that night and began a months-long, self-imposed exile from those around him. Since November, ICW management have been unable to contact Jester, with many believing that the former Heavyweight champions days with the company were over. That was, until ICW: The Princess is in Another Castle...

At ICW's debut event in Nottingham, an ecstatic crowd witnessed the first ever showndown between Drew Galloway and Grado, with the ICW World Heavyweight Championship on the line. After a hard-fought contest, Galloway would remain the champion, but as he gave his respect to his worthy opponent, a ghost from Drew's past would return with a vengeance.

Appearing completely out-of-the-blue, Jack Jester made his way to the ring, staring down the man who took the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from around his waist. After a few tense moments, Jester would greet his friend Grado with a handshake, but things would turn sour quickly, as ICW's hardcore icon would snap, nailing Grado with a steel chair, before laying out Galloway with his own signature Future Shcok DDT. Adding insult to injury, Jester would then punish Galloway with a steel chain, before Tombstoning the champion onto a chair, leaving him out cold.

While some believed that the bad blood between Drew Galloway and Jack Jester was gone, it appears that their issues are far from resolved. With that said, it remains to be seen what Jester's motives are now that he has returned. With the hardcore icon attacking the likes of his friend Grado, is Jester finally letting his darker impulses consume him, or was the former ICW Heavyweight Champion simply looking to make a huge statement upon his return? Only time will tell!

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