By Scott Reid

One rivalry which has seen more blood shed than any other in ICW is the war between Jack Jester and Mikey Whiplash. Since Whiplash stepped foot into the insane asylum, He and Jack Jester have been the absolute worst of enemies, with each man taking their bodies to absolute limit in an attempt to finally put the other down. In February at ICW: Tramspotting, it looked like the hatchet may be well and truly buried, but an unfortunate situation involving Kay Lee Ray and Carmel put a stop to that, causing Whiplash to swear that their feud "will never be over".

Since then however, Jester and Mikey did not cross paths. That was, until ICW: Dave's Not Here Man when Whiplash appeared following Jesters match with Sabu. Claiming that he needed to finally prove that he was better than Jester, Mikey offered ICWs 'Hardcore Icon' a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship at Fear & Loathing VI, which Jester happily accepted. What he may not have realised though, is the lengths that Mikey Whiplash would go to, to finally eradicate Jack Jester from his life.

At ICW: Theres Something About Mary(hill), Jack Jester defeated Joe Coffey in a match that saw both competitors taking inhuman amounts of punishment. Post-Match, after a beatdown by both Joe and Mark Coffey, a hurt Jack Jester found himself confronted by Mikey Whiplash, but not as we have seen him in recent months. While we have recently seen Mikey Whiplash, the old-school in-ring technician, that side of his personality seems to have been put aside once again in favour of the maniacal, deranged Mikey Whiplash who has left buckets of opponents blood spilled in the the ICW ring.

Helpless to defend himself, Jester was viciously brutalised by Mikey who, along with Jam O'Malley, beat the ICW icon to a point of near unconsciousness. Bringing a steel barrier into the ring, Whiplash hit Jester with a Piledriver onto the metal, causing Jack to lose feeling in his hands and legs. Looking to put a final exclamation point in the attack, Whiplash set up Jesters corkscrew in the top turnbuckle with the intention of ramming Jack into it. It came to Mark Dallas and the ICW roster to forcibly put a stop to the attack, as they jumped into the ring to both protect Jester, and restrain a now bloodthirsty Mikey Whiplash.

A terrifying and unsettling sight to see, Jester has claimed online that he is taking time to recover from his injuries, but the question is; Will Jack Jester be in any fit state to compete for the ICW Heavyweight Championship at Fear & Loathing VI on October 13th? The title has evaded him so many times before, but never has he walked into a title match that has more of a personal meaning. Will the years of frustration and anger towards Mikey Whiplash spur him on to not only recover, but to defeat the champion? Or will the injuries sustained at Maryhill be too much to handle for Jester? We may not find out until Fear & Loathing VI, but should Jack Jester make it to the event, it will surely be a violent and personal affair!

ICW: Fear & Loathing VI takes place on Sunday 13th October at the O2 ABC in Glasgow! Tickets on sale NOW at www.Tickets-Scotland.com, www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.TripleGMusic.com and the O2 ABC box office and website!