Stacey Short

Having built his career within ICW on blood, sweat and violence and having picked up many battle scars along the way, you really would struggle to find a more dangerous man than Jack Jester. Having become a mainstay in the company since his debut in July 2007 at ICW ReZerection and achieving things some wrestlers could only dream of such as wrestling his childhood idol the homicidal, genocidal, suicidal death-defying Sabu. He has never held a championship belt and was sure to do everything to make the belt his. This was proven at Fear and Loathing VI when, despite a vicious beat down at the hands of Mikey Whiplash and Jam O'Malley at Maryhill, he battled hard to overcome the odds and become ICW Heavyweight Champion.

Jack Jester has wrestled in almost every type of stipulation match within ICW and when ICW held their first Edinburgh show in February he teamed with KayLee Ray to take on Mikey Whiplash and Carmel in an inter gender tag match.

With an ongoing feud with former ICW heavyweight champion Mikey Whiplash spanning over 2 years which started at Fear and Loathing IV with a falls count anywhere match which was also Mikey Whiplash's ICW debut culminating in the events that took place at this weekends event.

What will the future hold for the newly crowned champ? Only time will tell but his reign however long it becomes is sure to treat the ICW crowds to some fantastic matches!