"Captain Jack Is Back!"
By Scott Reid

After defeating Kenneth in an open challenge set by the young newcomer last night at 100% Shenanigans, Lionheart took to the mic and extended his hand in a show of respect to his opponent. The recently re-signed Lionheart then attempted to inform fans of his plans, now that he was once again an active member of the ICW roster, but before this could happen, the lights fell in the Garage, and some all too familiar music blared through the venue.

The crowd was sent into a frenzy as Jackie Polo appeared from the shadows, and nailed Lionheart with his signature Polo-Club, knocking him out cold. Standing over his fallen nemesis, Polo announced that, at ICW: Still Smokin' on March 30th at the O2 ABC, fans would finally see Lionheart vs Jackie Polo one-on-one.

This is a rivalry that has been brewing for some time now, and both men have made no secret about their resentment towards one and other. For over a year, Jackie Polo has been highly critical of Lionheart, especially about his retirement in late 2012. Calling him out at every opportunity, and even calling him "Scottish Wrestlings biggest overrate", Polo seemed dead-set on getting a reaction from Lionheart, to get him back in the ring once again to face the self-proclaimed 'King of Chat'. Lionheart initially tried to steer clear of Polo's bad-mouthing, but there is only so much a man can take. Social media was a place of constant taunting and insults from Polo, and when the time came for Lionheart to return to the ICW ring, he had his eyes set firmly on one man.

In July 2013, Jackie Polo was close to taking control of ICW, as he battled Mark Dallas in a match for control of the company. The odds may have appeared to be in Polo's favour, but as the match kicked off, Lionheart unexpectedly jumped the guardrail and attacked the 'King of Chat', dropping him to the canvas in support of the ICW owner. It was the first time these two men had been in the ICW ring together, and left fans wondering if they would ever see Polo vs Lionheart.

After Polo lost to Dallas that evening, he was removed from ICW, and had been gone for a number months. The possibility of seeing these two men finally square off seemed to merely be a dream, but after his shocking return at 100% Shenanigans, all it took was a shot from a polo-club to tell the ICW fans one thing; Jackie Polo was back, and he had come to finally settle the score with Lionheart.

Jackie Polo has referred to himself on more than one occasion as "Scotland's Best Wrestler" and has done everything in his power to live up to that moniker, but now he must step into the ring with a man who many fans have also called "Scotland's Best Wrestler". For Polo, this match is about proving himself once and for all as the top talent in the country, but for Lionheart, it's about pride. He has had more than enough of Polo's insults, and will no doubt be out to silence his harshest critic, by defeating in front of the ICW fans in at the O2 ABC, at ICW: Still Smokin'.

ICW: Still Smokin' will take place on March 30th 2014, at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster UK, Tickets Scotland, TripleGMusic.com and the O2 ABC website and box office.