Kasey Vs Little Miss Roxy
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 05-09-2017 21:13 GMT

"Good things come to those who wait" is a well known phrase which often be the case, patience can be an important virtue, but it isn't for everyone. It certainly isn't for Little Miss Roxxy who during the August 13th Fight Club taping in Glasgow made her presence known and skipped the queue per say when she attacked the ICW Women's Champion just moments after a victory over Jamie Winters.

Roxxy wasn't finished there though and proceeded to grab the microphone and make some very personal remarks about Kasey.

Kasey was quick to retaliate on August 27th when she spoke her mind on what had transpired August 13th not pulling any punches herself, this situation had gotten personal very quickly
You have to admire Little Miss Roxxy in taking the initiative and not only gaining the attention of the ICW women's champion, but earning herself a title match in the process, and on home soil as that match will take place September 17th in Newcastle.

Many people have criticized the way Little Miss Roxxy has went about her business to make her mark on ICW and the women's division, but whether you like it or not, she has got exactly what she wanted and that is a shot at the ICW Womens title on September 17th in Newcastle.