ICW Tag Team Championship Match Set For Newcastle!
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 05-09-2017 21:14 GMT

September 17th will be a night of many firsts in Insane Championship Wrestling, from debuts to the first ever "Kinky Launch Party" hosted by Jack Jester. It also be the first time ever that the ICW tag team champions Bird and Boar square off against Moustache Mountain anywhere.

At Shugs Hoose Party 4, The Maurauders had the opportunity to end their long standing feud with Polo Promotions once and for all but with the help of many of Polo Promotions friends in the locker room, they were able to defeat The Maurauders and not only remain a tandem but earn themselves a title shot at a time of their choosing.

This factor seems to have awakened the inner demons within the Maruarders as they have stepped up the violence to another level stating anyone who is associated with Polo Promotions are marked men, with Kenny Williams and Coach Trip already feeling their fury and being taken out of commission for the forseeable future. The Marauders are hell bent on total domination and destruction.

Unless you have been in the sea for the past 18 months, you will know that British Strong Style are flying the flag as ambassadors of UK wrestling across the globe, within them the team of former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Trent Seven and the first ever UK WWE Champion Tyler Bate. Collectively known as Mustache Mountain, they are one of the most decorated tag teams ever produced, but they have never been ICW Tag Team Champions.

September 17th in Newcastle, ICW's home away from home, Mustache Mountain collide with the ICW Tag Team Champions. Originally booked as a non-title match, ICW owner Mark Dallas has decided that the tag team titles WILL be defend September 17th, the outcome of this match will have no effect on the number one contendership status of Polo Promotions who will face whoever the champions will be after this match.

The Marauders can't think about Polo Promotions in anyway September 17th as they face one of the greatest tag teams of all time, a moniker that would have more meaning if Moustache Mountain could add the ICW Tag Team Titles to their already glittering CV.